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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Learning to be a polite girl

A boy tries to resist his feminization
But he soon gives in to the pressure
Titillating TG Captions: Learning to be a polite girl
Nick desperately needed to go
It was the third day of the feminization course and Nick was trying to get used to his new clothes and the sensations they gave him. Without any hair on his body everything felt so much smoother and in particular the soft cotton panties he was wearing. Miss Burns at the front of the class was lecturing about proper and decent behavior but Nick's mind was on other things.
He had been sent to do the course as an alternative to serving time in prison for anti-social behavior. Although the instructors on the course  forced him to wear girl's clothes he was still determined to try and rebel. The instructors insisted that all the students speak in a very girly voice. Nick had rebelled be refusing to talk so they sent him to a special motivation alignment class. Before the class started they gave him a large cup of herbal tea to drink and now he needed to go to the bathroom. In order to go he was going to have to ask for permission but he was determined not to give in. So he waited and the strain gradually increased. The tutor continued to talk about how much more civilized a girl is than a boy and Nick watched the clock waiting for the hour to end so that he could relieve himself. To his horror, the hour passed and the class went on. Nick realized there must have been something in the tea and they weren't going to let him go until he asked for permission.
Unconsciously he found himself sliding his thighs against each other and then when the pain reached bursting point he reached under the table to touch the panties as though it would help him hold it ind. He was desperate and he knew he just couldn't hold on any longer. He put up his hand.
'Excuse me, but can I go to the bathroom?" he asked.
The tutor stopped speaking an looked at him.
"Of course you can go Nicky, if you ask properly."
Nick grimaced and looked at the clock. He really couldn't hold on.
"I really need to go," he pleaded.
"Well then young lady, ask like a polite girl."
"I'm not a girl!"
"We shall see about that. Only immature girls wet their panties and that is just what you are going to do soon."
Nick was nearly in tears, he just couldn't hold on, but he couldn't face the humiliation of wetting himself. He squirmed on his seat and he thought he could see the trace of a smirk on Miss Burns' face.
"Please Miss, may I go to the bathroom," he asked again.
"Come now Nicky, you must use your girly voice."
Nick could bare it no more.
"Please Miss Burns, I think I have a to go to the girl's room, please may I go," he asked in a squeaky girly voice.
"That's much better, off you go then Nicky. And make sure you don't tuck your skirt into your panties when you are finished."
Defeated and blushing, he jumped to his feet and ran for the door. Another piece of his masculinity had just been trampled on....

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Caught_in_panties said...

Great story!
I hope to see more tg desperation tales in the future!