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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forced femininzed by her girlfriends

Kevin messed with the wrong girls
Now they are getting their own back
Titillating TG Captions: Feminized for revenge
Kevin slept like a baby, like a baby girl
The girls stood around the sleeping form of Kevin and surveyed their handiwork. They had spent quite some time feminizing him and they were pleased with the results. He really did look very girly and now all that remained to do was to wait until Mary arrived.
Kevin lay on the bed snoring softly, much to the girls' amusement. He was wearing a pink cami-top with a cute design on it and soft pink cotton panties with 'love and pink' on the waistband.

"He really does look cute," Susan said and was immediately shushed by the other girls.
"Keep your voice down Sue, you'll wake him before Mary gets here," Betsy admonished her in a whisper.
Judy started giggling again and there was frantic shushing from the other five girls in the room all of whom were giggling themselves.
"Do you think Mary will like what we've done?" Tina asked.
"Of course she will," Betsy replied. "He cheated on her and treated her badly now it's his turn for some humiliation."
Just then the doorbell rang and Susan went to let Mary in. A few moments later she came into the room and found a cute girl asleep on a bed. At last she realized that she was look at her former boyfriend, who was out cold and forced feminized to look like a cutesy girl all in pink.
Mary collapsed into laughter while her friends explained how the night before Kevin had invited Mel over but she slipped him something special in his drink. As soon as he was fast asleep the rest of the girls had arrived and they then set to work shaving all of his body hair and fully feminizing him.
"We did it for you Mary, to get him back for making you cry," Mel explained.
The girls stood over Kevin and smiled to themselves. This was one boy that messed with the wrong girls.
"He looks much better as a girl than he did as a boy," Mary said.
"Perhaps he should always be like that," Mel added and this brought on another round of laughing from the girls as they each suggested other outfits they would like to see Kevin wearing.
"Better take some pictures," Linda suggested.
Mary positioned herself next to Kevin and the girls all took a picture at the same time. The brightness of the flash was enough to wake Kevin who opened his eyes to see seven girls smiling down at him including his former girlfriend Mary. However he was still too drugged and thought it was a dream. He quickly fell back to sleep again. It was another two hours before his phone rang waking him up. One look at the pink panties he was wearing and he knew it was no dream but a nightmare...


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Great story for the pic, keep them comming.

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my dream