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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Caught in the pink

Lionel spends some time at work as woman
The girls seem to approve

Titillating TG Captions, he likes wearing pink
Lionel dressed for work
As Linoel said goodnight to the last of the women at work he explained he had some catching up to do and he was staying late. He promised to lock up before he left and settled down in front of the computer. However, as soon as heard the front door to the shop close he was up out of his seat.
Lionel was the accountant at a shop that sold jewellery and his office was in the storeroom behind the shop. There were three women that worked in the shop and all day long he would admire their clothes and wish he could be one of the girls. For what is coworkers didn't know was that Lionel was a closet transvestite spending every minute he could dressed as a woman.
It was frustrating to him that he couldn't go to work as a girl but tonight would be different. He had brought a change of clothing with him. From he bag he pulled out a bright pink spandex set of sleeveless top with leggings. He put on his favorite wig and a pair of heels and spent some minutes walking around the office, making himself a coffee and enjoying the feeling of being dressed as a woman. Finally, he went back to his computer and began to work. After all, he did have work to do and the whole idea was to be working as a woman the way he wanted to. He was so excited he couldn't sit down and instead put the radio on so that he could dance to some music while he worked. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn't hear anything until he heard a gasp behind him.
"Oh my goodness!" said a female voice.
Lionel spun around and was shocked to find three young women standing in the store room looking at him. One of them looked horrified but the other two were already smirking.
He had forgotten to hang out the 'Closed' sign on the front door! In his haste to get girly Linoel had forgotten to close up the shop to give himself some privacy.
There was an uncomfortable silence and then the girl in the middle who was wearing a very tight pair of jeans spoke.
TG Captions, the girls admire his outfit
The girls meet Lionel
 "Excuse me 'sir', but I'm a friend of Sammy who work here, she told me to come round about an order I wanted, but I'm a bit late," she said. "Who are you?"
The other two girls snickered quietly at him.
"Er, I work here. There is no one else here, we are closed for the day," he managed but he blushed as he noticed the girls looking him up and down and grinning to themselves.
"What's your name?"
"We'll just come back tomorrow then Lionel," the girl said. "Will Sammy be here?"
"Yes," Linoel squeaked. He could just imagine the scene if the girl came back tomorrow to see Sammy and he was there. What would she say? What could he say?
"Okay, tell her that Michelle came by," the girl said. "By the way, nice outfit, pink is definitely your color."
At this all three girls burst out laughing. With a final look the girls left and Lionel quickly went to lock the front door to the shop. What was he going to do? Perhaps the girls wouldn't say anything. He would call in sick the next day and perhaps he might just get away with it.
He was still trembling in his seat when his mobile phone rang. It was Sammy and he could tell she was trying not to laugh.
"Yes," he said with a sinking feeling.
"Is everything okay?" He could hear the smile on her face.
"Yes, your friend Michelle came by but she said she will come back tomorrow."
"I know, she told me. You simply must show us that pink outfit you have on. The girls are dying to see it..."


Charmane said...

LoL! Just delightful!

lickingumuch said...

i've always both feared and wished i could be caught dressing. It could be a nightmare, but hopefully it would be by some understanding and accepting people.

Anonymous said...

deep down he wanted to get caught!

Alamo Preacher said...

I would love if you would include the source of your images when you post. Often I'd love to see if there were more in the series. Love his outfit, and the caption.