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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dorothy gets her wish

Dorothy is granted one wish
She must use it wisely
Titillating TG Captions, wishing for femininity
Dan enjoyed being Dorothy
The Wonderful Sorceress of Oz explained to Dorothy how the magic would work.
"Just click your heels three times and say out aloud what your heart desires most and it will come true," the sorceress said.
"So it I want to go home what should I say?" Dorothy asked.
"Just say 'home sweet home' three times as you click your heels and you will be there".

Dorothy looked down at her feet in their pink pumps and matching pink pantyhose. She moved her legs and lightly swung her hips from side to side enjoying the feeling of the smooth nylon against her skin. Her eyes moved up her body to the pink and white polka dot dress she was wearing with a puffy skirt that stopped well above her knees. She could feel her soft hair against her neck and shoulders and taste the lipstick on her lips. She thought about what a wonderful time she had had in Oz, how friendly everyone was to her, how magical it felt to be a happy girl.
"Will I be Dorothy at home too?" she asked.
"No dear, you will go back to being Dan."
Dorothy took a deep breath and clicked her heels three times as she made her wish.
"A girl forever and forever a girl..."

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Anonymous said...

Caption beautifully captures a dream come true.