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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crossdressing Christmas

Unexpected crossdressing fun

The girls looked great in their Xmas gifts
When Tricia and Lisa complained to Paul that they never received any exciting gifts for Christmas he saw his chance to have some fun. He proposed a gift exchange; they would buy each other Christmas-related outfits and the condition was that everyone had to try on their gifts no matter what. When the girls agreed Paul thought that all his Christmases were going to come at once. He knew just what he was going to buy for these two sexy women.
The three friends agreed to meet at Tricia's apartment for their Christmas fun. Paul could barely contain himself when he arrived with the gift-wrapped packages for the girls. He had found the sexiest little outfits he could lay his hands on. He reasoned the worst the girls could do would be to buy him a Santa outfit. Of course, he realized that they might just buy him a pair of boxers with reindeer on them but he that could only be a good thing; he wasn't going to mind getting down to his underwear once he got the girls into their outfits. Who knew where it might lead to, and if he had his way, it would lead to the bedroom.
It was agreed that the girls would open their presents first.
"After all, ladies first," Paul said with a happy grin as he handed over their gifts. 
Tricia and Lisa opened their packages and Paul could see the slight redness that came to their cheeks as they saw what  he had bought for them. For Tricia he had selected a sexy little Santa outfit and for Lisa a hot green elf costume. Paul sent them off to the bedroom to get changed and fifteen minutes later they were back each wearing their outfits. Paul nearly spilled his drink as the girls paraded back to the room. Tricia's long legs looked amazing in her white pantyhose and the off-the-shoulder mini-dress was just too sexy. Lisa's green skirt was so short it didn't cover the top of her stockings and he almost caught a glimpse of her panties as she moved. The girls seemed to be enjoying themselves and sashayed back and forth teasing him with each swing of their hips and blowing kisses at him. Then Tricia went to the tree to get him his present.
Paul's gift exchange game leads to more than he bargained for
Paul felt his heart jump to his mouth as Tricia deliberately bent over from the waist to pick up the box giving him a good look up the back of her miniskirt.
"As soon as we saw this we just knew it was perfect for you," Lisa giggled.
"Mmm, I just can't wait to see you in this Paul," Tricia said in a very girl voice as she came back to him taking tiny steps and wiggling her hips as came.
Paul's heart was racing as he pulled off the wrapping paper. He lifted the lid of the box and saw what looked like a red and white Santa outfit inside. He lifted the costume out to get a better look and felt his blood run cold; it was the same Santa outfit he had bought for Tricia. To make matters worse there was a pair of black stockings in the box, together with a bright red pair of panties, and a black wig.
"Off you go Paul, try on your gift," Tricia said and the girls beamed at him. "A deal is a deal."
Paul knew he was beat. He went to Tricia's room and changed into the Santa dress. As he was getting changed he heard Tricia call to him from the other room.
"I left you out some heels Paulette to compete your outfit," she said.
Paul felt his face flush and he noticed a pair of black heeled shoes near the door. This wasn't turning out the way he wanted at all. He sat on the bed and inspected each of the flimsy sexy items he was too wear. He had never before realized just how thin and exposing women's clothes could be. Outside the girls were getting impatient with all his stalling. But there was nothing he could do now.  He finished putting on the costume, and rolled the stockings on to his legs. The panties were surprisingly comfortable but he wouldn't tell the girls that. With the wig and and hat in place he went to look at himself in the bedroom mirror. He was shocked at how good he really looked. He took a few moments to admire himself in the mirror turning this way and that, enjoying the way the skirt rose and fell with his movements. That was another thing he wouldn't tell the girls about.
"I just knew it would fit him fine," said Lisa from behind him.
Paul spun around and was horrified to find the girls standing in the doorway of the bedroom. They had run out of patience and had opened the door to find out what the delay was.
"And it looks like he likes wearing his sexy little dress more than he enjoys seeing us in ours," Tricia said.
"Yes he certainly does," Lisa said.
Paul loved wearing his gift
  Before he had a chance to protest the girls rushed into the room and began fussing over him, adjusting the dress, straightening his stockings and even applying some make-up and lipstick.
"Well come on girly let's see you properly," Lisa declared.
The girls led the way back to the salon and told Paul to stand by the tree so they could have a proper look at him in the light. He had no choice but to comply although by now his face was as red as his dress. The girls sat on the couch and made him do a full turn and walk up and down just like they had. They shrieked with delight at the success of their outfit and by the time they were finished with him any thoughts he might have had of a romantic end to the evening were crushed. The girls could never take him seriously as a man now after seeming him in looking so good in a dress. But Tricia and Lisa were goodhearted girls and they didn't want the poor boy to suffer too much. They soon joined him on the floor and showed him how to walk like a girl, how to swing his hips and be a sexy little Santa. Before long Paul was thoroughly enjoying himself so much so that he even found himself thanking the girls for his gift.
"Well, you are very welcome," Tricia said as smoothed her tights up her legs. "I'm glad you like it. To be honest we weren't sure you would agree to put it on. We were going to get you the men's Santa outfit instead but it looks like we did the right thing."


Betty said...

Darling. Just darling.

lickingumuch said...

Tricia and Lisa are the kind of co-workers i wish i had.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful story, I could take that kind of present and enjoy it very much!!!

whyguys said...

"Paulette" had better 'hang his stockings by the chimney with care'...

or Ms. Santa is going to put his lace clad bottom on the 'naughty list' and it will be spanked!

Anonymous said...

He's "walking around in women's underwear" So, so pretty Margo.

Anonymous said...

Santa baby, put him in tights for me! Gretchen

Anonymous said...

Very sweet, no forcing, no abuse, no humiliation - and everyone had a wonderful time.