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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sissification: Starting him off on panties

A wife begins the sissification of her husband with his underwear
Greg lay on his side watching his wife as she put on her robe. Debbie was humming to herself and seemed quite pleased with herself that her husband was lying on the bed wearing her underwear. As he watched Debbie went to the closet and opened his underwear drawer. She reached in and scooped up and armful of his shorts.
"What are you doing?" Greg asked.
"Well, you won't be needing these anymore, will you Sweetie?" she replied and Greg felt his cheeks burn red.
It had all begun the night before when Debbie had suggested they try doing something to spice up their love life. Greg needed no second bidding, he was in love with his wife and she knew it. She could talk him into anything and twist him around her finger, and often did.
As they sat cuddled together on the couch she began to make her suggestions, purring to him in that voice she knew he couldn't resist.
"I'd really like to see you in some panties," she giggled and Greg had an uneasy feeling.
"That would be silly," he said, trying to sound manly but he already knew in his heart that if she was serious then she would get his way. It didn't take more then two minute more of persuasion from Debbie and she was already leading him by the hand to the bedroom. She ordered him to strip and he complied feeling more self-conscious by the moment. He carefully folded his clothes trying to delay the inevitable while Debbie rummaged around in her panties drawer. Finally she turned around and held up a white satin thong panty.
"Here you are," she said with a triumphant smile. "Try these."
"Look, this is just silly," Greg tried but Debbie pushed the panties into his hand and then stood back to watch.
"It will make me happy, Baby," she said and Greg found himself awkwardly bending over and standing on one foot  as he pulled on the panties one leg at time. He noticed how light and thin they were compared to his boxer shorts and then with an involuntary deep breath he pulled them up and stood to face his wife.
For a moment Debbie just looked at him intently and then let out a shriek of laughter. Greg felt his face go bright red and moved to take off the panties.
"Oh dear, those don't look so good with your hairy legs, do they," Debbie laughed. "There's only one thing for it, we'll have to shave your legs."
This was going too far.
"That's enough, you are not shaving my legs," Greg retorted as he pulled off the thong but Debbie was already beside him stroking his chest and crooning in his ear.
"It will make me happy, and you do want me to be happy, don't you?"
Greg caved in.
Forcing feminization from the bottom up
They went to the bathroom and Debbie told him to stand in the shower. The she began to apply shaving cream to his legs, chest and arms. When Greg protested she just gave him a peck on the cheek and told him to let her do her job.
She spent nearly an hour carefully shaving his entire body until is was a smooth and hairless as her own feminine skin. As she worked Greg could feel how different his skin felt, how exposed and yet smooth. When she was finished she rubbed body lotion into his body and Greg lost himself in the sensations of his hairless skin.
When Debbie had finished she led him back to the bedroom and went back to her panty drawer.
"I'm not so sure a thong is right for you at the moment," she said as she looked through her underthings.
Greg pondered what she meant by 'at the moment' but before he could comment she held up a new pair of panties. This time the were pink flowery cotton briefs. In some ways Greg felt even more embarrassed to wear these panties as they looked more like the kind of thing a little girl would wear and not an adult but Debbie insisted.
This time as he pulled on the panties Greg felt a thrill as the soft cotton slid up his legs. As he pulled him up and into place felt a warm cozy glow unlike anything had had ever experienced before. He smoothed the panties into place front and back without even realizing what he was doing. He turned to see how the panties fit at the back and felt the material again.
"It looks like my hubby likes wearing his panties," Debbie mocked and with a jolt Greg realized she had been watching him all along.
"How do they feel?" she asked with a sly smile.
"They are okay," Greg replied and Debbie laughed at him.
"You love them and you know it," she teased and then opened another draw and pulled out a cotton-lycra camisole.
"Here," she said as handed it too her husband. "Put this on as well."
Greg did as he was told and Debbie inspected her feminized husband before announcing that she was pleased with the results. She even instructed Greg that he should wear the camisole and panties all night and he did.
The next morning found Greg still in the panties and lying on the bed watching as his wife emptied his underwear drawer.
"You look so cute in panties and you obviously like it so we'll get rid of these and buy you some lingerie to wear instead," Debbie said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Greg felt a tightness on his heart and was too shocked to speak. What had happened? In the space of one night his wife had taken him from husband to pantyboy and now she was getting rid of his underwear. Before he could stop her Debbie left the room to throw his shorts into the garbage.
Greg lay back on the bed. He had wanted to stop his wife and yet there was a grain of truth in what she said. He did enjoy wearing the panties.
As she headed down the stairs carrying her husband's underwear Debbie hummed to herself. Everything was going according to plan. If anything, the sissification of Greg might even go quicker than she had thought. If it only took one night to force him into panties then she reckoned by next week she could have him wearing only skirts at home...


Sissy Pam said...

we should all be so fortunate to have a wife like this! What fun!!

NotQuiteAKing said...


Anonymous said...

I luv this caption...especially since I have a pair of the panties I the picture. I just swoon at the sight of pretty purple.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend threw away all my male and underwear and bought all new panties for me. that all she wants me to wear for under clothes now. winter time she has me wear tights.

Sten Nordby said...

Love she story :D
A little similar to my own, but not quite.
A couple of years ago -I secretly started wearing my girlfriends underwear. I liked it a lot, but nedless to say -there were too little room in the front!
I did a quick search at ebay and found lots of "sissy" underwear for men :)
I shopped a lot! Of course it didn't take long before my girlfriend found out, and I thought "Now everything is going to hell!", but luckily it didn't!
This spring all of my regular boxers ended up in the green bin! When at work(offshore) I wear soft and sheer see-through kinda boxers, but when I'm off duty -and in my spare time -I wear lace underwear, stockings and hoserie, teddys...preferably pink, magenta, red...
I love being a sissy boyfriend, and i often walk around in the house wearing skirted thongs, garters and stockings i.e.
I love it, and I wouldn't have it any other way -even if I could :D

seo crossing said...

I think this post is really wonderful...I lv this caption..

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Anonymous said...

I love wearing pretty clothes. I love pretty panties with lace, ribbons, and bows. Even though I don't need one, I still love to wear a bra when I dress up. I don't wear a bra to embellish my appearance so much, as I wear it to cover my undeveloped breast's; you might say for modesty's sake. I really enjoy wearing pretty dresses and skirts and blouses. I enjoy wearing pretty nightgowns also.

My wife doesn't approve, even though I wish she did. I would love for her to announce that she has thrown out my male undies and that from this day forth I will wear panties. I'd love it if she were to start making me wear dresses or skirts and blouses and home, with the idea that as it becomes more common for men to wear dresses we could began to venture out in public too.