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Monday, December 13, 2010

Fit to be a girl

A feminine body is worth the effort

Abby was more than a match for her husband
 When Abby suggested an intense month-long fitness course for the pair of them Adam was more than happy to agree. The thought of buffing up and getting a slim and trim wife at the end of it appealed to him. Abby took care of the bookings and they were both keen to get started when they arrived on the first day.

The courses were held at a secluded location and included intense workout outs, special diets, hormone and steroid courses, and hypnotherapy to keep the participants fully focused on their exercise and nothing else. Adam was a little disappointed to find out that participants on different courses were kept separated from each other and since he was on the 'Muscle' course and Abby was signed on for the 'Sculptured Girl course they wouldn't see each other for a whole month. Adam had been looking forward to seeing his wife in spandex workout clothes but there was nothing he could do about it. He soon cheered up when he discovered that his trainer Mandy was a very sexy young woman who seemed to wear nothing but spandex and lycra all day long.  After being shown to his private room Mandy took Adam along for his first session of hypnotherapy. Adam wasn't keen on being hypnotized but Mandy reassured him that it would help him get the most out of his month stay and the hypnotist was a good-looking woman called Dr. Sandra with great legs. Before he knew it Adam was sitting in an armchair falling under Dr. Sandra's spell.
Adam works hard for the body of Abby's dreams
The next month seemed to fly past. Although he didn't see Abby during that time Adam was delighted that all of the other participants in his courses were women. He spent his days working out surrounded by girls in every color of workout wear under the sun Everywhere that he looked there were spandex leggings, lycra leotards, and tight shorts. He began to feel the effects of the course almost immediately and had never felt better.
He agreed with Abby that on the last day they would meet at the gym to show off their new bodies. On the final morning he put on his favorite workout wear that best showed off his new body and admired himself in the mirror in his room. His legs looked amazing and from behind everything looked pert and round the way it should be. His shoulders were just they way he liked them and even his hair looked good. The hewent to the gym.  When he walked in Sarah was waiting with Abby and he couldn't believe his eyes! Abby was wearing a tiny sexy bikini the like of which she would never dare put on before. But it was her body that Adam couldn't believe. She was rippling with muscles that bulged from all over her body.

"Hi Adam," Abby said with a big smile and flexed her shoulders and arms for his benefit. "How do you like the new me?"
Adam could barely form the words.
"You look so, so, butch!"
"And you look so cute," Abby replied.
"But I've been working so hard," Adam said. Surely all the exercise should have made a difference.
Adam blinked as he tried to understand what Abby meant but then Sarah spoke.
"Hold on Abby, I have to wake him up from the hypnosis," she said and then snapped her finger three times.
Adam liked his new body

Adam heard the snaps and felt as though he had just opened his eyes. He looked in the mirror along the wall of the gym. He was wearing a gray cotton top with matching gray leggings, spandex workout panties and white leg warmers. His hair was long and blond and he looked every inch a woman.
"What happened?" he gasped.
Sarah looked at her clipboard.
"It seems there has been a mistake," she explained. "We had 'A.Smith' down for the girls' development course and another 'A.Smith' down for the bodybuilding course. We must have got you mixed up at the reception. Mind you, the results are pretty impressive aren't they?'
Adam was close to tears. His wife was now a muscle-bound amazon and he was a girl. He dreaded to think how many hormones they must have pumped them both with to make the changes but the results spoke for themselves.
There was only one thing for it. He would demand another month long course to correct the mistake.
However, before he had a chance to explain Abby gave Sarah a nod. Sarah snapped her fingers three more times and Adam once again became pleased with his new body. He giggled at the two women and then waited for Abby to tell him what to do next.
"After all," Abby said to Sarah with a smile, "he worked so hard on it and he really does look cute."
"And," added Sarah, "there was no mistake in reception at all."


Hrdknight said...

Just had to leave a comment to let you know how much I enjoyed this one. I regularly check your site and enjoy your captions but I only check of the reactions boxes but had to leave some feedback this time. Keep up the great work you have a visitor that appreciates what you do.

Mischel said...

Oh I just love this one. The transformations are heavenly. I can't help but lick my lips imagining how much fun ensued in that household afterwards! Yummy!

whyguys said...

YES! Super ending!

A nice word of warning to all those 'macho' braggarts out there who always argue the male is by nature the stronger physical sex. Change a little of the training technique and upbringing and even THAT silly idea may be reversed!!!