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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spanked in panties

Caught with consequences in his sister's panties

Mel intended to get to the bottom of her brother's crossdressing
The minute the front door opened Martin knew he was in going to be in big trouble. His mind searched frantically for a solution but there was none. He was standing in the middle of the salon wearing his sister Helen's clothes. He froze and prayed that whoever it was they would not come into the room but go to the kitchen giving him a chance to run to his room and change. A moment later the door opened and his older sister Mel walked in.

For a moment Mel and Martin just stared at each other then Mel slowly looked Martin over from head to toe. Her brother was wearing a tight black top, and a tartan miniskirt that she was sure belonged to Helen. The pantyhose on his legs made them look smooth and feminine and his long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. All in all, he looked like cute young girl but that was no excuse.
"What the hell are you doing?" she demanded once she was over her initial shock.
"Look, Mel, I can explain, I was just, erm, preparing for, erm, I mean," Martin stammered.
"You are wearing Helen's clothes, that's what you are doing!" Mel shouted as the realization came to her that her brother must be a transvestite. It explained a lot. His long hair, the clothes in her room that sometimes seemed a little out of place. Her brother was a tranny!
"You've been wearing my clothes too, haven't you you little sissy?" she sneered. "I'll bet you've got some panties on under that skirt, haven't you?"
"No, I haven't" Martin said in a panic but before he could move Mel had grabbed his wrist and dragged him to a chair.
Martin is handed a firm punishment for wearing his sister's clothes
"Leave me alone," Martin whimpered, but Mel wasn't listening and he was too scared to resist. She sat on the chair and expertly puled him down across her knees so that she could inspect his under. One quick glance under his raised skirt showed his was wearing a pair of Helen's yellow cotton panties."I knew it," Mel shouted in triumph. By now she was beginning to enjoy the humiliation of Martin. "You've been a naughty little girly-boy, haven't you?"
Mel  administered her punishment
"Let me go," cried Martin on the point of tears and trying weakly to struggle free.
Mel didn't hesitate. She had a naughty boy over her knee who needed to be punished. She raised her hand and gave Martin a sharp smack on his behind.
"Ow!" wailed Martin.
"Stop struggling or it will be worse for you," Mel said. "You've been bad and that means a spanking."
She then proceeded to give Martin three more hard slaps on his yellow-pantied bottom. If Martin thought the panties might absorb the sting he was wrong. The soft cotton did little to protect him and each blow made a loud 'smack' as it landed.
"How dare you use our clothes without permission!"
"You've been a naughty girl, haven't you?"
"Yes, yes I'm a naughty boy"
"You aren't a boy your are a girl"
"Say it!"
Martin was crying freely now.
"I'm a naughty girl," he sobbed.
"And you won't do it again, will you"
"No, I promise"
"Because *smack* girls *smack* don't *smack* like *smack* dirty *smack* boys *smack* wearing *smack* their *smack* clothes!"
"Yes, I understand," Martin blubbered.
Finally Mel let him go. He stood up and headed for his room, but Mel wasn't done yet.
"I want you stay dressed just as you are until Helen get home," she ordered him. "After all, those are her clothes and she deserves to administer her own punishment.
And she did with Mel instructing her on exactly how to deliver each smack to ensure she gave him a thorough spanking.

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Anonymous said...

oh would love to have sisters do that to me, get caught wearing their clothes, mmmmm