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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Lingerie Party

A boy crosses another hurdle in his feminization

Jill told Ben the corset looked fine on him
Ben was very nervous as the clock ticked on towards the top of the hour. When the time came two young women were due to arrive and here he was, full feminized and wearing a green corset with matching green panties and silk bow tied around his waist. If all went well, not only would he stay undressed, he was even going to answer the door just as he was.
Ben had come out to his friend Jill that he was a crossdresser a while ago and she had been very supportive in helping take his femininity even further. In the past he had enjoyed wearing panties and occasionally dressing up as a girl but under Jill's direction he had really begun to embrace his feminine side. She taught him how to take care of his skin, to pluck his eyebrows and keep his legs waxed smooth at all times. It wasn't just the intensity of his feminization but also the extent; he know spent all of his time at home living as a girl and also some weekends when he went over to Jill's. Jill had decided that it was time for Ben to take things further and meet some more girls. He was terrified of the thought but Jill told him that two of her friends, Nadia and Linda were coming over for a small lingerie party and she wanted him to come too. She had warned Nadia and Linda that her tranny friend would be coming too and she assured Ben that they were keen to meet him on condition that he attended en femme.
For Ben, the thought of joining a real lingerie party was too much of an opportunity to miss and that was what had brought him to Jill's house as he was now, blonde wig in place, legs freshly waxed, face made-up, and scared out of his wits.
"What if they think I look too masculine?" he asked Jill.
But Jill was determined to see things through and poured him a glass of champagne to calm him down.
"Now stop worrying Ben, how are you ever going to live as a girl if you don't start to meet more people?" she replied pushing the glass into his hand and pouring herself some too. He could barely take his eyes on Jill who was wearing a red satin corset with a matching thong panty. Ben couldn't resist the thought that if Linda and Nadia were going to dress the same then it would be worth the embarrassment of meeting them dressed as a girl.
"But I don't want to live full time as a girl, I only do it for fun," Ben protested. It was true. He never intended things to go so far but Jill was always coaxing him on, with another pair of panties to try, another skirt that fit just fine, another bra that  felt wonderful to wear.
"Just look how cute you look, and stop worrying, you'll be fine," Jill said as she joined him on the couch. "You will just be one of the girls.
It was true, he did look very cute. The corset was satin and felt lovely against his chest while the panties were both cozy and sexy.
What girlfriends are for?

Nadia and Linda meet Ben
Before he had time to reconsider the doorbell rang. Ben felt his heart stop but Jill grabbed him by the hand and pulled him to the door. Without any hesitation she flung the door wide open to reveal to beautiful brunettes. Both girls were wearing long overcoats that came to their knees.
For a moment no one spoke as Linda and Nadia looked Ben over from head to toe.
"Hi, I'm LInda," said one of them.
"And I'm Nadia," said the other. "You must be Ben."
Then before Ben could reply Linda and Nadia opened their coats to reveal the sexy corsets and stockings they were wearing underneath.
"Are you girls ready to party?"  Jill asked as she let them in.
"We sure are," Nadia replied taking Ben by the hand as she walked into the room. 
The girls take care of Ben
As the girls made themselves comfortable and began discussing their latest purchases from Victoria's Secret Ben knew what Jill was right. They had accepted him and he was one of the girls now.


ShaveR said...

As Always the best

Respectful said...

Thank you for taking the time to Blog :-)

I liked this quick tale.

whyguys said...

Jill clearly knows the TRUTH - there can be no half-measures in the feminization of males. The goal is TOTAL obliteration of all those silly false 'masculine notions males try to preserve...

Lawrence Spadaccia said...

Wow,this story really excites me, this level of female friendship I love. Please continue the story.