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Friday, November 19, 2010

TG Story: Girls you can trust

A crossdresser takes the next step towards feminization

The girls meet the feminized Craig
When the intercom buzzed Craig  pressed the button to let the girls in and told them to come up to his apartment.
"The door is open," he told them, "just let yourselves in."
He went back to the bedroom and soon heard a Nadia and Jill letting themselves in.
"Hi," the girls called out to him. "Where are you?"
"Just make yourselves comfortable, I'll be out in a minute," Craig replied.

The two girls settled themselves on the couch in the salon and began to chat with each other. Craig had invited them over for coffee and had told them he wanted to discuss something important. Nadia and Jill were two of his closest friends and he felt that of all the people he knew they were the right choice.
"Where are you?" Jill shouted to him and in the bedroom Craig took a deep breath. This was it.
Girls will be girls
He strode out into the salon to welcome his friends and the girls looked surprised to see the striking long-haired brunette standing before them.
"Hi," said Jill, "we didn't know Craig had other guests. I'm Jill, and this is Nadia."
"It's me Jill," Craig said and felt a moment of panic when he saw the look on their faces. It began with surprise, then puzzlement, then recognition, and ended with absolute shock.
Jill and Nadia had known Craig for five years and they had spent a lot of time together but neither of them had ever seen him like this. Craig was wearing a white satin short-sleeved low-cut blouse with black choker around his neck. The choker off-set the tight black mini-skirt he was wearing and below that his legs were encased in thigh-high black stockings that ended in a pair of patent high-heels.
For a few long moments no one spoke.
"Craig! What one earth?" Nadia finally questioned him.
"Girls, I'm a tranny," was his simple response.
"I think you had better explain yourself," said Jill and the girls made room for him on the couch to sit between them.
And explain himself he did. He told them of how he had always been curious about girls' clothes, about his first experiments with wearing panties, how he had found it thrilling and comfortable, how one thing had led to another and he had built his wardrobe, his evenings out walking the streets as a woman, his totally feminized life at home,  his envy of women, his frustration at keeping his secret and not being one of the girls. And finally, his decision to come out to the two women he trusted and admired most.
The three girls get to know each other
The girls immediately began asking him questions and the more they asked the more comfortable they all felt. The questions about his past moved to the present and from how he felt to how he dressed and before long the thre of them were talking fashion and style like the old friends that they were.
Everything was just as it always should have been with one important difference; Craig, was now Carol and she had never felt better.


Betty said...

Your stories are so good smiles. Very nice.

Sissy Pam said...

Its so much fun to come out to women!

Mr Panty Sky said...

I love it, very nice captions