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Friday, September 17, 2010

Caught wearing a skirt and more

Crossdressing can be too much fun

Lawrence regretted putting on such a short skirt

Lawrence heaved a sigh of relief as his girlfriend Kelly shut the front door. They had her place to themselves this weekend and Judy had just slipped out to buy some groceries. Her roommate Judy was supposed to be away the whole weekend and that fitted Lawrence's plans very well. Plans that involved Judy. Or, more specifically, Judy's clothes.

As much as he liked Kelly he couldn't ignore the fact that Judy was a very sexy woman who knew how to make the best of what she had. He loved the way she dressed and as a closet transvestite he was dying to try some of her clothes. The problem was that he was never alone for long enough. But now he had his chance. He quickly ran to Judy's room and opened her top drawer. It was overflowing with panties in smooth sexy silk and bright girly cotton. He found a lace thong panty in sky blue and pulled it on then went to admire himself in the mirror. He could just imagine how it would look on Judy. Then he went to the closet to find a skirt to go with the panties. He found a flowery blue miniskirt that always made Judy look adorable and put it on. The he went in search of a bra. There was so many to choose from but a plain white cotton bra with a blue bow at the front caught his eye and expertly slipped it on. He stuffed the bra with some rolled up socks and then found a tight halter top that matched the skirt. He went back to Kelly's room and found the wig she sometimes wore on Halloween and put it on then headed back to Judy's room to look in the mirror. He loved the pretty girl that looked back at him and skipped over to Judy's panty drawer to explore he undies. She really did have such a wide choice and something that would match any occasion or mood. There didn't seem to be any plain white panties at all only colors and frills.
Lawrence should have passed the chance to wear Judy's clothes
He went back to the closet to admire some more of Judy's dresses when he heard a voice behind him.
"Kelly you could have asked if you want to borrow that skirt and top," Judy said. "Mind you, you look great in it girl so enjoy!"
Lawrence froze his heart thumping. He didn't know what to do. As soon as he turned around Judy would know who it was. There was nothing he could do. Slowly he turned around
"WHAT THE HELL! LAWRENCE!!!" Judy shrieked.
"Look, I'm sorry, I can explain. Oh I am so embarrassed, I mean, it was just for a joke."
"A joke wearing my clothes? Not very funny is it? Are some kind of sissy crossdresser, is that it? Well just you wait till Kelly hears about this."
"Please don't tell her," Lawrence said as he started to take the clothes off.
"Don't you move sissyboy," Judy snarled. "You stay right there like that till she gets back. I only came by to get some things I needed but now we'll just wait here together until she comes home."
Lawrence sank back against the window sill in defeat. It only took another fifteen minutes till Kelly came home but it was the longest of his life. The whole time Judy stood watching him with a smirk on her face.
The next fifteen minutes were the worst. Kelly took one look at him, heard Judy's tale of the events and threw him out of the house. First though, the girls made him strip off Judy's clothes and when she say that he was wearing her panties she told him she didn't want them back but would keep his clothes instead. And that was how they made him leave, wearing nothing but a thong panty. As Kelly slammed the door he could see Judy calling her friend Amanda on her phone...


Pam said...

Just so much fun to try on and wear pretty gurly things

Anonymous said...

It is always risky, but the compulsion is irresistible.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty skirt!!