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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sister's red panties

Every crossdresser loves girly underwear

Marvin snuck into his sister's bedroom and headed for a top drawer. He had done this so many times he knew just what he was looking for and where to find it. Sally wouldn't be back for three hours and he was going to enjoy the best of her clothes while he had the chance.
First he sifted through her panties. Sally always wore such pretty underwear but it was her new frilly red panties that he was looking for. Marvin had discovered the joy of wearing pantie a couple of months earlier and now he couldn't resist them. He had seen them in the laundry and was desperate to try them on. As soon as he saw them he knew he had to know how they felt to wear. Marvin found the panties and put them on, sliding them up his legs that he always kept smooth and feminine. The panties felt every bit as good as he anticipated and he went to the bedroom mirror to admire himself in them. Then he found a white lace cotton bra and put it on. he put on a turquoise silk top that he loved and a white mini skirt with a matching short silk slip. He loved the way that the silk felt against his skin. He opened Sally's sock draw to find something feminine for his feet and squealed with delight when he found a pair of stockings that matched the red panties.
Marvin couldn't resist the new red panties
"There must be a garter belt somewhere," he thought to himself.
Before long he found the garter belt among Sally's bras and strapped it on then rolled he stockings up his legs. He held each leg up in the air just the way he had seen girls do it and slowly smoothed each stocking into to place. Then he clipped them to the garter belt and found a pair of white heeled shoes to match the stockings. He paraded back and forth across the bedroom loving every step and watching himself in the mirror. He hitched up the skirt to get another look at the panties and a flash went off dazzling him.
It was Sally standing in the doorway of the bedroom with her camera.
"Well well, just look at the little girly-boy all dressed up" she said. "I knew you were up to something bro' so I set this little trap for you".
Before Marvin could speak she took another two pictures.
Marvin was panicking so hard he couldn't speak.
"Get out of my room," Sally ordered.
Marvin started to take off the clothes but Sally stopped him.
"No, as you are, I don't want them now."
As Marvin left the room he saw Sally sit down at her computer and begin to connect her camera to transfer the pictures.
"I've got some e-mailing to do," she snickered....


Sharon said...

Lucky for me when I used to try on my older sisters clothes there wasn't an Internet then.
I did have to buy her panties, bra and full slip a time or two.
There after she would always refer to my time as playing dress-up whenever I ask how long she would be gone if we home by ourselves.

lickingumuch said...

i think being exposed on the internet would open so many doors.

Betty said...

Very cute and delicious story - i guess it would be impossible to hide after getting caught like that.

jellybean said...

Very sweet and cute story. I wish that I had a sister, but, no such luck. Guess what??? I had a Mom who of course had clothes. WOW
Mommy was a little bigger but I loved dressing in her underthings as much as I could.

Anonymous said...

No turning back now. Exposure is worth being liberated to pursue such a delightful obsession. And getting to keep such a cute outfit is a heavenly bonus.