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Friday, September 10, 2010

Attitude feminization

The results of Greg's feminine attitude training were spectacular

Kacey looked across at her boyfriend Greg as she drove them home. She still couldn't believe her eyes. Was this really the same Greg she had sent away just a month ago? Greg was still prattling on about all the things he had learnt but Kacey wasn't really listening.

It had all started when Kacey gave Greg an ultimatum; if he wanted to stay with her he was going to have to learn how to live like a normal human being. That meant being tidy, being clean, and curbing his dreadful masculine habits that just grossed her out. When she heard about the Feminine Alinement program it sounded ideal. The course promised to instill the perfect balance of feminine attitude to any wayward male. Kacey told Greg he either take the course of say goodbye. Greg went along thinking it would be a nice holiday but now he was almost unrecognizable. Here he was, sitting in her car looking like a perfect sexy young lady in a skin-tight pale blue mini-dress and legs to kill for.
Greg returns as a girl larger than life
"It was wonderful, they taught us everything about makeup and taking care of our hair," Greg continued enthusiastically. "Of course I shrieked when they waxed my legs by the instructors said that overtime it will get easier especially with the pills I'll be taking for a while."
Kacey nodded absentmindedly. It wasn't his perfectly smooth legs she was interested in but the pills.
"Tell me about those pills," she asked taking another long look at her boyfriend in disbelief.
"Oh, I have to take them twice a day," Greg replied. "We also learnt all about fashion and colors and they decided that pale blues and yellows are my colors. Do you like this dress? I chose it myself. Also, I will need a few more clothes because I don't think my old ones will fit me anymore and I don't like them anyway because they are so icky. I only have these shoes and one more pair but I will get some of those too."
"Yes, I can see your clothes won't fit."
"Oh and I need some more panties I only have enough for one week at the moment. Now I know why you love those cotton ones they are so comfy. Kacey, what are you staring at?"
Kacey realized she was looking at Greg again and not watching the road. She couldn't hold back any longer.
"What am I staring at? What do you think I am staring at Greg? Where did those come from?" she blurted out nodding towards Greg's magnificent cleavage.
"Oh I know, aren't they big?," Greg said happily looking down at his chest. "The instructors said I need a constant reminder to be feminine all the time. Actually I quite like them."
Greg giggled as he arched his back to accentuate his chest.
"You aren't jealous are you?" he asked coyly.
"No, I'm very happy for you," Kacey lied.
Of course she was jealous. What girl wouldn't be?


Diana Copperfield said...

Amazing! I'd like to see a sequel to this one!

Danyelle TS in FL said...

Wow that sounds like a program I'd love to get into. Where do I sign up?