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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Surprising his wife

A crossdresser surprises his wife

When Jenny came back from visiting her sister she expected to find her husband John in front of the tv but he was no where in sight. She put down her handbag and headed to the kitchen but he wasn't there either.
"John, are you in?" she called out.
From upstairs in the bedroom she heard John's voice calling down to her.
"Yes darling, I'm up here. Come on up, I have a surprise for you."

Jenny sighed. She was worried about John because recently he had seemed very preoccupied although he was always willing to help her out around the house and do the shopping. It was nice that he had prepared something for her. She went up the stairs and to the bedroom where she stopped in the doorway unable to move.
Every lady likes her man to make an effort
Her husband John was lying on the bed wearing her little black dress, her necklace and big happy grin on his face. He even looked like he was wearing eye makeup.
"What on earth are you doing!" was all she could manage.
"Hi Sweetie," John said in a very strange, high, feminine voice. "I didn't know how to tell you this, but I'm a crossdressing girly-boy. I thought it best to just show you."
"What do you mean? And stop talking in that silly voice," Jenny shouted louder than she meant to. She was starting to panic. Her husband, the man in her life, was lying on the bed in a frock and telling her something about him crossdressing. She hoped in was a dream but John kept on talking.
"I've been dressing for years and I just can't keep it in any longer," he trilled and rolled back on the bed with a big smile on his face. "I've always been so envious off all the fun clothes you wear. I just love being a girl."
"John, this is ridiculous, and it isn't funny."
"It's me dear, I'm your knew best friend forever," John said as he rolled over and propped himself up on one arm to look at her. "I've wearing your things for years now and now I'm out and open and I feel wonderful!"
Jenny looked at him and realized he was telling the truth. It wasn't a practical joke. Now things began to fall into place, how he always helped with the laundry, how some of her panties would go missing and then reappear after wash day, how he always wanted to come with her and the girls to go clothes shopping.
Jenny leaned against the wall her legs weak at the thought of telling the world her husband was a tranny. But then she thought about it some more, and began to see the advantages. After all, he do look quite convincing as a woman She noted that his legs were perfectly shaved as were his arms it would be fun to have a girlfriend around all the time.
"Well, we had better start sharing clothes if it will make you happy," she said. "But hands off my silk panties, you can get your own..."

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lickingumuch said...

Wish my wife could be so understanding.