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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Forced feminization by the sorority girls

Peter should have known better than to enter the sorority house alone
Forced feminization by the sorority girlsPeter sobbed as he crawled over to the couch with his head spinning. Behind him he could hear the girls laughing at his retreating figure as they gathered around the computer. He still couldn't believe what had happened to him over the past three hours and he knew he would never live it down.
At the start of the evening he had walked past the sorority house and a couple of girls had called to him from the second floor window inviting him. They had clearly been drinking and from what he could see the appeared to be wearing nothing more than their bra and panties. Against his better judgement he had entered the building and was immediately pounced on by an overwhelming crowd of spirited young women dressed in their underwear. Amid shrieks and laughter they pulled off his clothes, blindfolded him with a pair of pantyhose and dragged him to the shower room where they proceeded to shave his body taking pictures all the time. Every time Peter tried to protest they poured a drink down his throat and before long he was to groggy to protest. The girls bundled him back to one of the bedrooms and proceeded to dress him as a sexy woman in a black thong bodysuit. Then they forced him into one humiliating pose after another all the while taking pictures and filming the action. He was made to parade around the room swinging his hips and then perform a pole-dance as the girls cheered him on.
Finally they left him alone as they gathered around the computer to upload their evening's work to the sorority website.
Peter thought his ordeal was finally over but then he heard one of the girls behind him.
"What a minute girls! There is one thing we forgot to do..."

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