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Friday, July 24, 2009

Forced feminization to prove a point

Marcy shows Bill she can do it
Forced feminization to love pantiesBill was always acting like a big chauvinist to his sister Elaine and even more so when she had her friends. He was delighted when he came home and found Elaine in the living room with her friends Marcy and Christina. He started up straightaway by criticizing them for watching a talk show about how hypnotism can help people and how stupid the girls were for believing in it. In the debate that followed Marcy challenged to hypnotize Bill and he just laughed at the idea of girl being able to do that to him. Bill sat in an armchair and Marcy stood in front of him waving her jeweled pendant before his eyes. Bill was having trouble keeping his eyes on the pendant and from wandering to Marcy's tight t-shirt, let alone paying attention to what she was saying. The next fifteen minutes seemed to fly by before Marcy final told him he could get up.
"You see," he said with a victories smirk, "I told you it would fail."
To his annoyance the girls just smirked right back at him.
"If you say so," Elaine said and the three girls went back to watching tv.
With a final snort Bill left and went upstairs to his room. As he passed Elaine's bedroom he noticed the door was open and there were some panties and bras lying on her bed. Bill had seen Elaine's underwear many times in the laundry room and never really paid them much attention but now he couldn't take his eyes off them. Before he knew it he was stripping off his clothes and trying on a pink bra. He loved the way it held his body and he quickly slipped on a pair of pink patterned cotton panties. Bill couldn't believe how good the panties felt and wondered why he had never tried them before.
Just then he heard the girls coming up the stairs and he quickly grabbed his clothes and ran to his room still wearing Elaine's underwear.
A few moments later he heard Elaine calling him. Bill panicked a little but reasoned he could just lie his way out of this one. Why on earth did he put on panties anyway?
Bill went to Elaine's room and found the three girls standing around the bed.
"Did you go into my room?" Elaine demanded.
"No of course not, why would I?" Bill replied but he couldn't take his eyes off the pile of panties that was still on the bed. There was a pair of light blue tanga panties that looked irresistible.
Out of the corner of his eye Bill could see that Marcy and Christine were barely holding back the giggles.
"Are you sure you aren't wearing my pink bra and pink panties," Elaine said and now she was nearly laughing too.
"No, don't be stupid," Bill said but even he could hear how weak his voice sounded.
"Wouldn't you like to try on some of these?" Marcy asked running her hand through the pile of panties.
Bill felt his heart lurch.
"I, I...," he said in desperation and he could feel his cheeks going red.
"Well, you can but only if you admit you are wearing my panties now," Elaine said.
Bill struggled for a few moments. He just couldn't understand his need to wear panties. He had to get out and back to the safety of his own room.
"Come on Bill," Marcy cooed in a girly voice as she held up the blue tanga panties, " they are soft and comfy."
Bill groaned as his will caved in.
"Okay, I'm wearing your panties, I just did it for a laugh," he said at last.
The girls exploded into laughter.
"Show us!" Marcy demanded as she twirled the panties around her finger. "Or you can't try on the rest, and you do want to try them on don't you?"
Bill had never felt anything so powerful as his need to wear those panties. He frantically stripped off his clothes revealing the pink bra and panties and the girls gave a big cheer.
As he moved to the bed Elaine stood in front of him.
"Say 'please'," she demanded.
"You said I could wear them," Bill said but by the smile on Elaine's face he knew she was enjoying this too much to let him by. Elaine raised and eyebrow at him.
"Please," said Bill quietly.
"Please what?" Elaine said innocently.
"Please may I wear your lovely panties, please please please," Bill pleaded.
"Okay," said Elaine and stepped out of the way.
Bill pounced on the bed and the girls watched as he greedily pulled on the blue panties over the pink panties and then every other pair available. He tried them on once, twice, three times, he couldn't get enough of them.

Forced feminization to love panties"You see," Marcy said when she had got enough breath back from laughing so hard, "you were easy to hypnotize."
"What have you done to me," Bill said has he lovingly held a green satin thong to his cheek to test the smoothness of the fabric.
"We decided that since you keep your hair so long we should try some forced feminization hypnosis to make you into a girl," Christine said.
"In particular, you now find girl's underwear and clothes completely irresistible," Marcy said and the girls had another laughing fit.
"Please change me back," Bill pleaded as he pulled on a pair of white cotton panties and then ran to the mirror to admire himself.
"Later," Marcy promised, "we want to enjoy this some more".
But later never came. The girls spent the whole evening teasing Bill, making him beg to try on a bra, or wear a particular pair of panties. Them Marcy's mobile phone rang. Her mother was locked out and Marcy had to run home to let her in.
It would be another six months before Marcy had a chance to come back and take her spell off Bill but by then he was crossdressing full time and didn't want to change.


mingle said...

Wow, great captioned story here. Your site is always fantastic, but I really enjoyed the story here with hypnotism.

Gajo said...

The idea of a girl hypnotizing a proud male and therefore ridiculizing him simply turns me on. Forcing or convincing him to wear lingerie is maybe my favourite fantasie.

Anonymous said...

I use persuasion. I convinced my boyfriend that he would like panties and a camisole. He does.