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Monday, June 15, 2009

Reproduction ceremony

Arnold gets more than he bargained for from a blonde to remember
Transformed into a blondeAs Arnold slowly woke up he felt fantastic. Last night he had picked up a gorgeous blonde girl that had seemed keen on him right form the start. The soon headed back to his place and began what she called the 'reproduction ceremony'. Call it what you want he had thought, it was the most amazing experience he had ever had and he had slept like a baby for hours. As he stretched and looked around he noticed he was alone in the bed. Something felt different though, and when he looked down he discovered that although he was alone the blonde girl was still there. He had her body, complete with the silky chemise and pink satin panties he had enjoyed taking off her the night before. He sat up on the bed and inspected his new body. He was an exact replica of the blonde girl from the tip of his long blonde hair to the end of his painted toenails. Now he knew what she had meant by a 'reproduction ceremony'.