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Friday, June 26, 2009

Girls just know

Warren joins the other boys who just can't resist
Crossdressing in pantiesWarren came home to an empty apartment. His sister Janice was at dance practice and wasn't due home for another three hours. He quickly stripped off and went to Janice's room. Sliding open her top drawer he sighed at the sight of her colorful selection of panties and bras. Warren had been secretly wearing his sister's clothes for months but the thrill was always the same. He selected a leopard pattern lingerie set of a chemise and and matching thong panty. The soft frilly clothes felt wonderful against his smooth skin that he kept shaved just like a girl should. He picked up Janice's hairbrush and began brushing his long hair that was the envy of many girls who knew him. As he looked in the mirror he smiled to himself. It was fun being a crossdresser when you had access to such sexy underthings.
As he stood there humming to himself the bedroom door opened and in walked his sister wearing a matching pink bra and pink thong panty. Warren nearly fainted but to his surprise his sister didn't seem in the least bit annoyed or even surprised to find him standing there in her frillies.
"Hi Warren," she said. "I just got out the shower and I am getting ready to go out. Those look cute on you."
Warren didn't know what to say.
"Aren't you annoyed?" he asked turning bright red.
"Not really," Janice said giving him a hug. "Most of the girls on the dance team say that their brothers are can't resist wearing their things so I assumed you were too. I skipped dance practice today because the other girls said that was when you most likely to raid my panty drawer. And they were right"
"So you don't mind?" Warren asked in disbelief.
"I think it's very cute that you are such a girly-boy. I've always wanted a sister and now I have one," Janice said picking up the brush and brushing her hair. "We'll have lots of fun together sis."
"Oh thank you Janice, you're the best," squealed Warren.
"Mind you," Janice said giving him a cheeky slap on the behind with the brush, "I'd prefer is you as before wearing my underwear from now on. I don't want you wearing some of my favorites just when I want to use them."Crossdressing in undies


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Milliscent said...

Agreed, a very nice fantasy!

Anonymous said...

I want to wear girly clothes too

wish I had a sister like her