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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A panty thief gets punished

The girls give Adrian their own form of justice
Panty thief punishedWhen the Sandra and Mindy caught Adrian stealing underwear off their line they gave him an ultimatum: Either he agrees to their own form of justice or they call the police. The thought of a police record and the shame that would go with it was too much for him so he submitted himself the girls' revenge.

If he had known what they had in store for him he might have gone to the police himself. They made him return all the lingerie he had stolen and then threw it all out except for a bright red leather-look bra and panty set complete sheer black stockings. He remembered how thrilled he had been when he first stole the sexy lingerie but when the girls made him shave his body he began to have regrets. They dressed him the red lingerie and stockings, put him in a old pair of black high heels and then drove him into the city red light district in the middle of the night. They dropped him off on a street full of transvestite working girls.
"You aren't going to leave me here like this are you?" he asked in panic as he noticed a couple of curb-crawling cars drive slowly by, the drivers inside giving him a long stare.
"Nope," said Sandra, "lean against the wall, with your rear our and put your hands over your head."
Adrian did as he was ordered, relieved that he would not be left to fend for himself.
"First we are going to spank your bottom you naughty little panty thief," Mindy said. "You will count out each stroke and after each one you will say 'I'm a naughty panty-thief', is that clear?"
Without waiting for an answer the girls began spanking his rear end until he had tears in his eyes and his bottom was nearly as red as his panties.
Finally, his humiliating punishment was over but before he could recover the girls jumped in their car and drove off.
Adrian stood there trying to get his breath back but within moments a car stopped and a large man leered at him from inside...
"Hi Honey," the man said as he came towards him. "Can I have a go at spanking you too?"
Adrian turned to flee but even as he did so he knew he had nowhere to go. It was midnight, he was dressed in bright red vinyl lingerie and he had no money on him. He had to get some money, enough for a cab.
Reluctantly, he walked over to the car and closed a deal with the man. The client was halfway through giving him another good spanking when a camera flashed. Adrian looked round and saw that the girls had driven around the block and then come back to photograph him...

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Yoyo said...

Lucky panty-thief ;-))