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Friday, May 15, 2009

Inadequate transformation

Eddie was disappointed with the results of his transformation
TG captions, an inadequate transformationEddie was not entirely satisfied with the results of his Insta-Girl Transformation package. Although his spandex shorts now fit fine there was something missing from his top.
The transformation package had arrived earlier and contained one pink pill and one blue pill. According to the instructions all he had to do was swallow the pink pill and the transformation would take care of itself. Eddie wasted no time in putting on his favorite silver spandex shorts and a tight top and then swallowed the pink pill. There was a flash and when he rushed to the mirror he was delighted to see that he now had the body of a woman. However, although the shorts fit fine the top was very disappointing.
He immediately called the customer service number to complain. The young girl on the phone was very understanding but pointed out that he had ordered the True-Girl transformation and that meant a random bust-size that could be anything from small to medium.
"I can't go out like this!" Eddie shouted into the phone, "they look ridiculous."
The customer service agent said he could always reverse the transformation within 24 hours by swallowing the blue pill and send the package back but then he would never be able to transform again.
"Too much stress on the body," she explained.
However, the thought of going back to a male body was unthinkable now. As he flushed the blue pill down the toilet he thought to himself he could always get implants....

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