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Friday, May 15, 2009

John becomes a good girl

Mrs Walker solves her son's behavior problems
Feminized to be a good girlMrs. Walker was excited to see the results of the Hypno-Girl treatment she had ordered for her son, John. Her wayward teenager son had been in and out of trouble for months on end and was far to aggressive and unruly for her liking. So she sent him off for a month treatment at the Hypno-Girl clinic and the specialists had reported that John responded to the hypnosis treatment very well.
"He has been a huge success," said Dr. Britney when she called to say that John would be coming home that afternoon. "He now thinks, feels, and acts just like a girl."
However, Mrs. Walker wasn't prepared for the site that met her eyes when she opened the door and finally met her feminized son.
There stood a pretty blonde girl in a skimpy top, matching mini skirt and high-heeled silver shoes.
"Hi Mom, I'm home," the girl squealed in a little girl voice and gave Mrs Walker a big hug. As she did so Mrs Walker could smell the heavy sent of a floral perfume. Before she could say a word Jo flounced into the house and threw himself down on the couch.
"Oh Mom, I can't thank you enough for sending me to the lovely place," John said as he lay back on the couch and waved his smooth perfectly shaped legs in the air. "The ladies taught me all about taking care of myself and keeping pretty and making sure my skin is smooth and make-up and looking after my hair and being a good girl and shopping and everything!"
Feminized to be a good girl"Do you have to wear such a short skirt?" asked Mrs Walker as she eyed up her son.
"Yes! I chose it myself although this is all I have to wear now," John said.
Mrs Walker was thrilled. She finally had the daughter she'd always wanted even if she seemed to be acting about five years younger than her actual age and to have some very sexy ideas about fashion.
"Well then dear, we'll go shopping tomorrow," she said. "We'll get you some normal clothes that you can actual go out in."
"Okay Mom. I need lot of things and I haven't got enough panties or bras or anything," John said as he rolled over to talk to his Mom. "And I promise I'll be a good girl now."
"And perhaps we should start calling you 'Jo' instead of John'," Mrs Walker added.
"Oooh, I like that," squeaked Jo....

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