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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ann makes the most of a girly night with her husband

Jeff regretted not spending more time with his wife
Feminized by his wifeJeff stood in the middle of the living room while his wife Ann looked him over.
"Don't look so glum Jenny," Ann said. "This will be fun."
Jeff closed his eyes a took a deep breath. This had all gone horribly wrong. Last week he had a big fight with Ann because he wanted to go out with the his friends to watch a game and she wasn't interested. Instead she had stayed at home by herself. He had done that once too often and now she wanted payback. Ann demanded that in return he had to spend an evening with her doing the things that she wanted to do. And that meant clothes, make-up, and shopping.

"Don't call me Jenny," he said.
"Well I can't call you Jeff when we are out and about, now can I?" Ann said with a twinkle in her eyes. She was thoroughly enjoying humiliating her husband like this.
When Jeff had agreed to do a 'girly' evening he didn't know what he was letting himself in for. He though he would just have to tag along while Ann wandered around some shops but Ann had other plans. She insisted that he go en-femme, dressed as a woman. Jeff though she was kidding but when she came home the next day with several packets of shaving cream and razors he realized she was serious.
First she shaved him all over leaving no hair anywhere on his body.
"You've got to be smooth if you want to be a girl," she explained.
Ann the spent half an hour putting on his make-up and by the time she was finished he had to admit she had done a good job. He really did look like a women and at least no one would recognize him especially with the blonde wig she gave him to wear.
Then she laid out some of her clothes for him to wear. At first he wanted him to wear as skirt but Jeff kicked up such a fuss that she agreed to him wearing a pair of jeans. Not that it helped him because she insisted he wear a flowery silk camisole top. But what really got to Jeff was the pair of white panties and pantyhose she laid out for him. The idea of wearing something so feminine and girly over his manhood made him blush.
"Let's skip the panties," he suggested but Ann wouldn't listen.
"I'll let you get dressed in private, don't take too long," she said with a smirk and left the room.

Forced to crossdress by his wifeReluctantly Jeff began to get dressed. He considered putting his own underwear on but decided Ann might check so he pulled on the soft panties. To his surprise they fit very well and were the most comfortable things he had ever worn. He looked at himself in the mirror with the frilly panties fitting snugly around his body and blushed as he noticed that the feeling of the soft cotton was exciting him. He quickly turned away but he knew that something felt very good about wearing the panties.
Next came a pair of black pantyhose and over these he pulled on the jeans and then the camisole. He finished off the look with a pair of heels and went to join his wife in the living room.
"Right, let's get going," she said standing up and picking up her purse. "You did put on those panties in the end, didn't you Jenny?"
"Yes," Jeff said.
"Hmm, I'm not sure I can trust you. Show me." Ann said with an smirk on her face.
Jeff had given up trying to save any pride. He obediently turned around, pulled down his pants and showed his wife that he was wearing her white panties as she had demanded. Ann walked all around him to check the fit and noticed that Jeff was seemed to be enjoying wear her underwear more than he was admitting to.
"I see they fit very well," she said. "Perhaps we'll get you some more panties to wear since you like them so much."
"I do not!" Jeff said going red, but Ann could see the truth.
"Good girl," she said, "now let's go shopping."


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if only it could happen

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