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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pretty pianist

Barry looked goregous in the red dress
Barry enjoyed playing the piano
Barry ran his fingers over the keys and the music filled the club. He played with passion and finished with a flourish to loud applause. He smiled to himself as he stood up in his shimmering red evening gown to face the excited audience. Just a year ago he had been down and out. The only job he could get int the clubs and bars was washing dishes. Finally, he had enough. He set about feminizing his body using everything from full body waxing to hormones. A year later when he walked into any of the top clubs and bars the owners were falling over themselves to hire this sexy female piano player.
The dress fit his figure perfectly
But he enjoyed being a woman even more

Barry bowed to the audience and gave them a plenty of cleavage to enjoy. Then he turned just enough to give them a good look at his shapely bottom. This was worth everything, he told himself, even if there was no way he could ever get a date with a woman now...

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