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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another good thing about being a woman

George found it easier to stop a cab as Georgina
George hurried down the stairs to the street. He was running late for work and would have to take a taxi. He tried for ten minutes to stop a cab but each time other people pushed in front of him or hailed the taxi first. He was getting desperate. Then he had a cunning idea. He quickly returned home and changed into Georgina his female persona. He ditched his business suit and put in a large bag and then slipped on a pair of tight shorts and a white blouse. A touch of make up and a wig and he was now she.  As he came out of the building he pulled out his phone and made a call to his work telling them he would be a little late.  He stood in the street as the busy traffic swirled by and raised his arm. Within in seconds three taxis had screeched to a halt nearly colliding with each other in their eagerness to collect this beautiful young woman. George smiled to himself as he climbed into the cab. It was just another good thing about being a woman.


Anonymous said...

Georgina should her appearance at work. I am sue a lot of guys would not mind giving her a ride to work, as long as she gives them a ride in return.

Anonymous said...

You go girl? Tammie G