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Monday, November 14, 2011

Wrong number

Transgendered Joanne no longer answers calls for John
Joanne had John's phone now, and he was never getting it back
The phone range twice before she answered.
"Hi, is John there," said a male voice.
"No," she replied, "this isn't John's number anymore."
"Oh, I see. Do you have his new number? I've been trying to get hold of him for weeks."
"No, I'm sorry I don't. John isn't here anymore."
No, she thought to herself as she hung up the phone. John isn't anywhere anymore. Now there is only Joanne. Now there is only the young woman enjoying the sunshine in her short black skirt, black pantyhose and heels, white silk top and fashionable jacket. Now there is only the chic-looking woman drawing admiring glances from men as they pass and smiles from the women.
Joanne crossed her legs just for the sake of feeling the pantyhose against her smooth skin, and then tossed her head to swing her long hair.
No, she thought to herself. John is gone and he is never coming back...


Hrdknight said...

Great cap! I really like this one. Joanne looks quite happy and content. Nice work!

Michelle said...

John, now Joanne is one lucky girl. Finally to be out and about as a woman. A dream come true, I wish it was me.

Wanda said...

I wish was me for everyday left in my life