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Sunday, November 13, 2011

TG Captions: Fun and games

Trevor offered his wife a target she couldn't miss
Cindy stared in disbelief at her husband Trevor. He was sprawled on the couch wearing her pink boob-tube, her white mini-skirt and a pair of her pink and black striped socks. He even had pink ribbons in his hair.
"Trevor," she gasped, "what are you doing?"
Trevor gave his wife a nervous but eager grin.
"You remember that program we watched that said couples should try playing games to spice up their romance? You told me that I should surprise you with my fantasy. Well, this is it!"

"Oh my gosh," Cindy said. She did remember the program and the conversation they had about bringing romance back into their marriage. She had suggested the Trevor try something kinky but nothing could have prepared her for this. On the other hand she could see how excited Trevor was by the gleam in his eye and he did look quite cute in pink.
"So now what?" Cindy asked her feminized husband.
Trevor turned around to bend over the couch revealing a pair of her pink frilly panties.
"Ive been a bad girl taking your clothes without permission so you had better spank me."
Cindy couldn't help but giggle at the situation but there was something about seeing her husband's butt in the air clad in pink frilly undies that made her want to smack it just for fun.
"All right then you naughty little thing you," she said as she crossed the room, "I'm going to teach you a thing or two about being a good girl..."

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Anonymous said...

when i have been bad i need to be spanked