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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What are sister's for?

Steven was hooked on cross-dressing and his sister's clothes were always available
Steven couldn't help wearing his sister's clothes
Steven stood in front of his sister Janette's open wardrobe surveying her clothes. He was already wearing her bra and a pair of white cotton panties with pantyhose. Janette had so many clothes to choose from and he loved them all. As he reached for a pair of skinny jeans he reminded himself that the next best thing to discovering the joy of cross-dressing was having a sister with such good taste. Deep down he knew she would eventually discover him, but he was hooked and there was no going back now...


Michelle said...

Good girl! This is how it starts!

Sharon said...

Once upon a time I was like that, she never caught me but I did tell her that I enjoy wearing her clothes. It didn't go over too well. For a few years I kept wearing her things whenever I had the chance she eventually she moved out and I was forced to buy my own things when our parents would go on vacation I would take a couple of days off and stay home and dress as a woman. She would come by and check on me only to find me dressed as a woman.