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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Modeling for his wife

A wife talks her husband into modeling a bodysuit for her
Manny was very supportive of his wife's decision to take a women-only photography course. He liked to encourage her hobby and was happy to see that she was so enthusiastic about the projects the course required. Then the final project came around to take some modeling pictures and his wife Sharon had a brilliant idea. Rather then taking pictures of a female model she would photograph her husband dressed as a woman.
When she told Manny the idea he refused outright. There was no way he was going to allow his wife to take pictures of him wearing her clothes but she nagged and flirted and seduced and teased until at least she got him to put on a bra and a pair of panties. She was careful to not go anywhere near her camera until Manny was comfortable with the undies then she coaxed him into a pair of sheer black pantyhose and one of her sexiest bodysuits.
Manny had to admit that the bodysuit did fit him very well and no sooner were the words said then out came the camera. Manny tried to get away while he could but Sharon pressed on and soon he found himself somewhat self-consciously posing for a series of pictures in the temporary studio she set up in their living room.
"And you are sure that no one will see these except the other women on the photography course?" he asked for the tenth time and Sharon confirmed it was true. Secretly he found something thrilling about the idea of the women gathered around looking at pictures of him doing something kinky but he would never tell Sharon that. At last the pictures were done and Sharon let him change back into his own clothes.
The following week she returned from her course beaming with delight.
"It's your pictures," she told Manny when he asked what had happened. "The girls loved them and so did our tutor. She is going to enter them in a local photography contest to be part of an exhibition."
Manny felt his heart go cold.
"But you told me no one else would see them," he protested.
"Don't be such a party-pooper, this could be a big break for me."
The exhibition was to take place a month later and for the next two weeks Manny prayed that his wife's pictures of him would be rejected. Sharon said nothing to him and he began to breath easier as the opening date approached. A week before the exhibition was due to start he was on his home from work when he noticed a posters all over town advertising the exhibit and with his picture! Manny was terrified. Everywhere he looked there was a large color picture of him in a sexy pose wearing the black bodysuit. He could feel his cheeks burning as he hurried home. As soon as he got in he confronted Sharon about the posters and why she hadn't told him about them being selected to show case the exhibition.
"Darling, if I had told you they were selected you might have refused to let them use them," she told him. "I think you look perfectly adorable in the pictures."
Manny clung to a desperate hope that no one would recognize him. After all, with the make up and his hair tied back he didn't look his usual self. However, his hopes were dashed less than half an hour later when their next door neighbor Kathy came over for a chat with Sharon. As soon as she saw Manny she complimented him on the pictures and asked if he would sign a copy of the photo that Sharon had promised to give her...


whyguys said...

So delightful Sharon tricked her husband into being the 'stepping stone' of Her career! Exposing him as Her personal 'pin-up model' and so leaving him no dignity was a brilliant tactic. The poor broken dear likely never dared exit the house again for fear of the reaction.

Just as well, now Sharon can sequester him at Her studio permanently enfemme for shoots - that is when the sexy little maid 'Melissa' she has turned him into in 'her' non-modeling time isn't keeping perfect house for Sharon- the new MASTER of the House!

ps. 'Melissa', such a lovely and appropriate new name. MAN-NY - how silly... males MUST learn to get rid of that ridiculous notion... 'man' what an anachronism for males to use to define themselves...

Candy said...

I love it wish my girl would take pictures of me like that