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Saturday, October 01, 2011

The secret to feeling confident

Wearing panties can make all the difference in how a man feels
TG Captions: Panties confidence
It was the day of the big presentation and Barry knew that it would take all his presentation skills to succeed. That meant he had to be on top form and the key to it all was confidence. As he got dressed in the morning he pulled on a favorite pair of flowery cotton panties. He took a few moments to admire himself in the mirror. There was nothing like the soft feeling of cute panties to give him the boost he needed. That was something he had learned from the ladies. Satisfied with the look and feel of his undies he was ready to face the day.


Anonymous said...

Add a nice silky pair of pantyhose, and you just can't beat it!!!!! ;)

Chaste Hubby said...

Exactly the approach that i use too. ;-)

miko-chan said...

i feel so sissy in the Haynes pink cotton bikinis i am wearing today