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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Knock before entering

Barry loved having his girlfriend dress him up in panties and a bra
Melanie caught her brother and his boyfriend red-handed
As Melanie came up the stairs she could hear her brother Barry and his girlfriend Cheryl giggling in her room. What on earth are they doing in my room without permission, she asked herself. She into the room to demand an explanation and found Barry bent over her bedside table, wearing a long wig, and dressed in one of her a white bras and matching panties while Cheryl appeared to be fixing some stockings on under his jeans. Cheryl herself was stripped down to her undies and pantyhose and both of them seemed a as surprised as she was.

"Oh, Hi Melanie," Barry said with a nervous grin. "I suppose I've got some explaining to do."
"Didn't you know your brother has a thing for wearing girls' underwear?" Cheryl asked.
And in a flash Melanie realized why for as long as she could remember she had the feeling that her bras and panties were never quite in the same place that she left them...

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wish it was me so hot !!!