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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A change for the better?

The girl left Norman with her clothes, and her body
As soon as Norman woke up he knew something was wrong. He was still in the hotel room where he had passed out but his whole body felt different, lighter, and more comfortable. The sexy dark-haired girl had picked him up in the hotel bar and taken him back to her room for a drink. No sooner had he taken a sip then he had passed out and now something was very much changed.
After a few moments his head cleared and he looked down to see that he was wearing the girl's clothes.

"What the hell!" Norman shouted and jumped to his feet but he was shocked at how feminine his voice sounded. He stumbled over to a mirror in the high heel shoes he was wearing and what he saw confirmed his fear: the girl had switched bodies with him. He couldn't imagine how she did it but he was now inside the body of a young sexy woman.
His first thought was to call the hotel security and try to track down the girl who must now be in his body. As he turned from the mirror he caught a look at his new shapely hips and perfect round bottom. He stood mesmerized at the curves of his body and turned this way and that to admire his figure. He not only looked good, but he felt better than he every had before. Of course, he would probably have to pay the hotel room bill but the way he looked and felt now, it would be worth every penny.

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EddieMrscorer said...

I wish I could meet a girl like that,