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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Wishful thinking

Spanking her husband in pink panties
Margret spanked her husband
Eric wished that he would wake up and find it was all just a dream. He wished that he hadn't given in to temptation. He wished that he had been more careful. He wished he had just been quicker. But most of all he wished that right now he wasn't bent over his wife's knee wearing her pink panties.

When his wife Margaret had gone out earlier on he knew he didn't have much time. As a closet crossdresser he took every opportunity he could get to try on his wife's clothes. Today he wasn't sure if he had enough time or not and common sense told him to wait. But the panties in her drawer were calling to him, the skirts in her cupboard whispering his name. Eric gave in and quickly changed into his wife's clothes, pulling on a pair of black silk panties, a white camisole, and a nice skirt. He put on the blonde wig that he kept hidden and spent a delicious hour prancing around their home pretending to be just another one of the girls. Finally he decided it was time to get changed back. He went to the bedroom and was about to change when he noticed a new pair of pink panties in the drawer. Margaret must have bought them last week. He simply had to try them on. Eric quickly took off the black silk panties and pulled on the soft cozy pink undies. They felt smooth and girly, and he squealed with delight. He lifted up the skirt to admire how the panties looked in the mirror then practiced walking back and forth.
"What the hell do you think you are doing?" roared Margaret as she came into the room.
Eric nearly fainted with horror. She must have come back in without him realizing it he was so absorbed with the panties. For a moment the two of them just stood there staring at each other then Margaret sprang into action.
"You pathetic little sissy!" she shouted grabbing him by the arm. "Is this what you do when I am out? Wearing my panties. Well them missy, if you want to be a girl then you need to learn some manners about not taking other peoples clothes without permission."
Eric was helpless with fear as Margaret sat in a chair and pulled him down across her knee. She pulled up his skirt exposing the pink panties.
"And you are wearing my new panties!" she exclaimed. "You really are a naughty little sissy, aren't you?"
Before Eric could say a word her hand came down on his upturned bottom.
Eric was surprise at how powerful the blow was. He tried to speak but before he could Margret's hand came down again.
"Please Margret, I'm sorry," he began.
"Ow! That hurt," he protested.
"There's plenty more where that came from," Margret said. "I'm just warming up."
Eric could feel his bottom going red but Margret wasn't letting up.
The blows kept raining down until Eric was pleading for her to stop but Margret kept going. She was still trying to decide what she was going to to do with him next..


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I've said before these captions always cheer me up and make me feel so happy, and this one didn't disappoint.

Please, oh pretty please, let's see a sequel!

Anonymous said...

If only That coud be me!