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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Weather girl

Titillating TG Captions Weather Girl
Jerry lost control of his skirt
Jerry took several deep breaths as he turned onto the busy street. Going out fully dressed as a woman was always a confusion of emotions, thrilling delight mixed with absolute terror. Thrilling delight at the sheer pleasure of walking down the street as a sexy young woman; terror at the thought of attracting too much attention and being discovered. He forced himself to continue, his heart racing with fear and singing with pleasure. His blue heels clicked as he walked down the street and he began to relax as the crowds of shoppers and passed him by without another glance. This was the busiest time of day he had ever dared to go out crossdressed and he was loving every minute of it. So far no one was paying too close attention to him and he could really feel like just another woman.
Then a gust of wind blew up his grey knee-length skirt revealing his bright flowery panties to everyone. In an instant he had the undivided attention of every man in the street...


Betty said...

Very cute, dear.

Anonymous said...

i wish that would happen to me. i would love some attention if you know what i mean ;)