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Monday, June 20, 2011

Running into an old friend and a new girl

John told the girls about his desire to be a woman
John now dressed a woman full time
The three girls couldn't believe their eyes. It was Lynn who had first spotted John walking down the street but at first Carol and Sue were sure she was making a mistake. As the young woman in the camisole top and very short tight hot pants came nearer there could be no denying it; the young woman was John, who they last saw at school.
"John, is that you?" Lynn asked the woman.

"Oh, hi girls, how are you?" John replied. "Yes, it's me, although I call myself 'Jo' now."
"But, what happened?" Carol blurted out. "You were always so interested in the girls at school."
"I know dear, but you see that was just it. I made out like I was chasing the girls but what I really wanted was to be with you, to spend time with you. To actually be a girl."
"To be a girl?" Sue repeated.
"Yes, Sue, to be a girl. I remember how cute you always looked when you came to school and I so much wanted to dress like you. I loved that sparkly pink top you had I always wished I could be one of the girls and wear one too. Of course I could never tell anyone then but I finally decided that I couldn't bear it any long so now I am who I am."
"So that's why you were always hanging around the girls' locker room," Lynn said. "I always thought you were just a creep."
"No, I just wanted to keep up with the latest fashion, including underwear."
The three friends still couldn't take it all in, but they had to admit that 'Jo' looked amazing. They wanted to know more. Carol took one of Jo's arms and Sue took the other. With Lynn leading the way they headed straight for the nearest coffee shop to catch up on all the details of how John had become the sexy young woman they now saw.
"So tell me," Sue asked as the walked towards the coffee shop, "when you used to come to my house in the evening to help me with my projects you were really just checking out my wardrobe?"
"Yes. In fact, I have to admit, I even tried a lot of it on whenever you left the room..."

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