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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A new woman enjoys herself

Tommy still had much to learn about being a woman
Tommy was quite a sight as a woman
It was a week after Tommy had finished all of his transsexual alignment surgery and facial cosmetic surgery. He was finally a woman and to celebrate he took a short holiday at a motel. The first morning after his arrival he slipped on his favorite robe and sat outside the door to his room on a box enjoying the sunshine. He felt wonderful and feminine and he delighted in the smiles and looks he received from all the men who wandered past. Some of them even came by twice but he pretended not to notice and smiled at them all the same. This was what he had dreamed of all his life; being a woman, beautiful and free, with her whole life ahead of her.
He had been sitting there for nearly an hour before a woman came past and told him that the way he was sitting everyone could see right up his robe.
Tommy thanked her and hurried inside. As he closed the door he sighed to himself; there was still so much he had to learn about being a woman.

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