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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A husband must get used to his femininity

A husband starts living as a woman
Maxine looked down at her husband Mark as he sat sprawled and dejected on the couch. He wasn't taking to the feminization process with much enthusiasm.
"Cheer up dear," she consoled him. "It is for your own good. You'll soon get used to it. Just look how pretty that matching bra and panties set is. Your chest is really coming along nicely now that we upped the strength of your hormones."
"Will I still be able to hang out with the guys?" Mark asked.
"No, of course not, you are woman now. But you can come shopping with me and the girls, you'll like that..."


Anonymous said...

nice picture!

Leo said...

Very good. Thanks!

LoveTGcaptions said...

Well, actually, if you absolutely insist on hanging out some with your old buddies ... the big game is on this weekend, and I have no objections to you inviting them all over to watch. I have the cutest hostess's gown and matching frilly gauzy pinafore for you to wear as you constantly serve them snacks and drinks, just as a proper hostess should.