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Friday, May 13, 2011

Swapping bodies for fun

John is ready to change back to being a girl but Clarissa isn't so sure
TG Captions, body swapping with a girl
John lunged for the medallion
John walked as quickly as he could in the high heels, his shoes clicking loudly with each step. His feet were hurting and he was beginning to get fed up with all the leering looks he was getting in the short tight skirt he was wearing. He was going to give Clarissa a piece of his mind when he finally caught up with her. As he approached the bridge he could see his sister Clarissa leaning against the guard-rail near the middle of the bridge and looking down into the water, the medallion in her hand. It was odd to see his own body from the outside; but then again, it had been odd spending the evening in Clarissa's body.

When Clarissa had first suggested that they use the medallion to try switching bodies for the evening John had been doubtful. What did he want to be a girl for, he argued. Clarissa kept nagging him and eventually she convinced him that it might be fun to try it for an evening. After all, what was the harm in trying it for a few hours?
The transition had been swift and painless and he found himself in Clarissa's body and wearing her clothes. He had always noticed how short her skirts were but only now as he stood there in a short, tight, black miniskirt that only just covered his rear did he realize just how short they were. The low-cut top he was wearing felt very exposed too but before he could change his mind or his clothes Clarissa had run off, taking the medallion with her. They had agreed to meet back at home at 10 o'clock and John now had a few hours to enjoy living in a young woman's body. He decided to head downtown but he remembered his wallet was in his jacket that Clarissa now had. He had no cash on him at all, just Clarissa's mobile phone. He couldn't take a taxi so he would have to walk. It wasn't too far but as soon as he set out he noticed that high heels were not designed for walking long distances. They felt very awkward at first but after ten minutes he found he could walk quite well in them, although he was aware of just how much he had to swing his hips to do it, and just how his bottom seemed to be sticking out. The admiring looks he got from every man he passed were fun at first but he began to feel very self-conscious that there always seemed to be another pair of eyes on him.
When he arrived in the busy center of town he wondered what to do next. He passed a women's fashion shop and as he looked through the window at the women trying on clothes he had a sneaky idea. Why not? he thought to himself and walked in. He browsed some of the shelves and picked up a top without really looking at it. Then he headed for  the changing rooms at the back. He went through a curtain and found himself in front of a line of cubicles with curtains across the front. He walked along the line looking for an empty cubicle but they all seemed to be full of women trying on clothes. Most of them didn't bother closing their curtain properly and everywhere he looked there were girls in bras and panties, pulling on clothes or taking them off. John laughed to himself as he enjoyed the view but there weren't any cubicles free and he didn't want to wait too long or someone might get suspicious. He left and pulled the same stunt in another five shops before he started getting thirsty. He headed for a bar but without any money he could only sit at the bar and hope he wouldn't be asked to leave. John needn't have worried. With his long blonde hair and long panty-hosed legs he was soon bought a drink by a man who looked at least twice his age. John felt very uncomfortable having a man flirt with him but at least he was getting a drink for free. However, when his would-be suitor started putting his hand on John's knee he decided he had had enough. He made his excuses left praying that the man wouldn't follow him. By then there were more people out on the streets looking for some fun. Everywhere he went there seemed to be another guy whistling at him, hitting on him, or just plain leering. John looked at his watch, and was pleased to see it was nearly time to meet Clarissa. He walked back home and as he arrived home his next door neighbor tried to engage him in a conversation. It made John very uncomfortable to see how the neighbor, a man older enough to be his father, kept looking at his cleavage and running his eyes up and down his legs. Did Clarissa really get this all the time?
Finally it was ten o'clock but Clarissa was no where in sight. He tried calling her and eventually she answered.
"Hi, I've been delayed, meet me at the bridge at midnight," she said and hung up.
John was furious. It was a long walk to get to the bridge and his feet were beginning to hurt. Worse than that he was going to have to walk through town again and suffer the glances and attentions of every guy who thought he had a chance with the sexy young woman in the short skirt. Seething he set off for the bridge and it was nearly midnight when he arrived. He stormed up to Clarissa and for the first time noticed how smug his own face could look.
"It's about time," he snarled at her. "I've had enough of this, let's change back."
"I've been thinking," Clarissa said, in a dreamy sort of way. "I quite like your body."
"Well I don't like yours. Let's get this over and done with."
"Oh you'll get used to it. Just think of all the clothes you can wear."
"Clarissa, that's not funny, let's change back."
"I don't think so."
As he watched in horror Clarissa took the medallion and dangled it over the water.
"Suppose I drop this now," she said teasingly. "Then what?"
John thought of the how it would be to spend the rest of his life as eye-candy and began to panic. He lunged for the medallion but he wasn't even close when Clarissa let it slip from her fingers...


les said...

great use of pic :)

Anonymous said...

I just wish there were another couple of images to go with this story. I do rather like it.

Anonymous said...

Who is this model? She's real pretty.

Anonymous said...

This Is My Favorite!