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Monday, May 16, 2011

Her husband is such a girl

Titillating TG Captions, a feminine husband
Sam tried putting on a bra
Jenny looked down at her husband Sam as he sat on the bed trying to put on the bra.
"And you intend to wear that all day?" she asked.
"Yes, why not?" he replied with a happy grin.
"Don't you think this whole girls' underwear thing has gone a bit too far?"
"Oh come on, it's just a bit of fun. I thought you liked it?"
When Sam had first tried on a pair of her panties 'just for the fun of it' Jenny really had laughed. He looked so cute with the frilly dainties on but ever since then he had been trying to feminize his life more every day. With his hairless body, pretty panties, and long hair Sam really did more like a girl than a man.
"Someone might see your bra strap sticking out," Jenny pointed out to him.
Sam thought for a moment.
"It'll be okay, I'll wear a singlet over it," he said as he fumbled with the strap.
Jenny sighed. She had never seen him as happy as he had been since she let him wear women's clothes. There was nothing for it but to encourage him and hope for the best.
"Look, the best way to put on that bra is to put it on back to front and then slid it around, see?"
Sam did as she told him and managed to get the bra on.
"How about you wear a camisole instead of a singlet, then you will really feel girly" she suggested.
One look at the way Sam's eyes lit up and she knew he was never going back to being a husband...


sasha said...

silly sam!

Betty said...

I like this one - it's kind of sweet and loving. Hopefully they will find a way to both be happy.

Sophie said...

love it :-)

Anonymous said...

Put him on female hornmones so he can fill outa bra ha ha

Anonymous said...

I too was in that situation and it's been with me ever since, and love all of it, she too!!!

Anonymous said...

If he wants to wear panties and bras hes better off becoming a woman

LADY MALE said...

Yes it is really good and enjoyable

LADY MALE said...

very nice and enjoyable

Me said...

Yes the bra, I mean they are a matching set! And you are correct about wearing panties and bras Anonymous and the hormones. I think you are on to something here!

Chaste Hubby said...

Mind where the strap,buckles are and you should be fine Sam. ;-)

jellybean said...

Or he could ask his wife to please hook the bra for him, that way they can both have a little fun.