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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Caught in the act

TG Captions Caught with consequences
Michael was caught in the act
It was the moment every secret cross-dresser dreads; Michael was standing in the middle of his sister's room wearing her clothes when he heard the key in the front door. He was wearing her bra, thong panties, pantyhose, a skirt and a top. He quickly pulled off the skirt and folded it but by now he could her his sister Vanessa opening the door downstairs. There just wasn't going to be time to take off her clothes and put them away. To make matters worse, he had been playing with her make-up too and he was wearing lipstick, eye-shadow and blusher.

He had to get clean and changed. Vanessa was already on the stairs. He wasn't even able to make it to his room. In a desperate dash he ran to the bathroom so that he could at least clean off his face. As he bent over the sink to wash off the make up he heard Vanessa walk past and go to her room. He held his breath, and then quickly began washing his face again. Then he heard Vanessa coming back, her footsteps getting closer. As she reached the bathroom door he remembered he hadn't locked it. He was still bending over the sink trying to wash off the make-up when Vanessa came in and found him there.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Been in that situation before years ago, but instead of trying to make a mad dash I just walked out and let my sister see me in her clothes and makeup. She done her best to get me to stop but forty years later I still wear woman's clothes every chance I get along with makeup and perfume.