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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A caring wife helps her husband when he needs it most

He is becoming such a woman
Titillating TG Captions, he becomes a she
Adrianne looked good as a girl
Adrian was not impressed with his wife Lianne's reaction when she saw him in the bar and panties.
"Why Adrian, you look lovely in those, you really must get some more," she told him. "You really are such a pretty girl."
"Lianne, this isn't funny," he admonished her but he had to admit that he did look quite cute in them. The real question was just what was why was he turning into a woman?
For the past few months he had been displaying more and more feminine characteristics as his body slowly became that of a woman. Lianne suggested he go and see her doctor but when he did the female doctor told him that he was showing a sharp spike in female hormones and there wasn't really much he could do about it. The doctor prescribed some pills and instructed Lianne to make sure he take them three times a day in addition to the vitamins she already insisted he take.  But not only didn't it pass, it just seemed to be getting worse. His skin was much smoother and his breasts were now so large he needed a bra. The more he turned into a girl the more Lianne encouraged him to embrace his femininity rather than fight it. It was her idea to buy a bra now that he clearly need it. When he went with Lianne to buy one she picked out a flowery bra that came with matching panties and that was what he was wearing now. He hated the fact that he was losing his maleness but at the same time he was thrilled to see how good lingerie looked. Now that Lianne mentioned it, there was a similar set in pale blue that would go well with his skin tones and he wanted to try wearing a skirt, just to see how it felt.
Adrian sighed, he was even beginning to think like a girl and had grown his hair long just because it felt so good.
Lianne looked at her husband and smiled. If she didn't know better she would think that it was a pretty young woman in bra and panties standing in front of her. She made a mental not to get some more of those pills from her doctor. They were working wonders!


mingle said...

Great job. Love the forced fem and clueless husband aspects. Beautiful model as well.

stacy said...

I love your work

Anonymous said...

Precious panties and bra in picture. They would make me swoon into further into femininity.

Anonymous said...

More pics of sexy lingerie and stories of feminization unbeknown to the bf/husband or random man please I beg you they are the best

Marie-Christine said...

Very well done, I really enjoyed your story. Sometimes I wish my wife would turn me into a beautiful woman as well.