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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The walk of shame

A crossdresser is left standing
Now he must take a walk of shame
Titillating TG Captions: Humiliated in the dressing room
Carl wore only panties and a bra
Carl had been crossdressing for years and felt confident enough to shop for clothes. He enjoyed going out shopping for women's clothes because it gave him the chance to be with other women in their natural environment. He would explain that he was buying for himself and usually he was allowed to try things on just like a real girl.With his long hair he looked very feminine once he had the right clothes on. When Carl got to the mall he headed straight for the new fashion boutique that he had seen and walked in.
At first the shop assistants didn't realize what a man was doing in their shop that clearly catered for girly fashion. However, he explained that he was a tranny and wanted to try on some clothes. The shop staff were quite accommodating and he soon found himself in the changing room area trying on tight pants, sexy tops, and very short skirts. A couple of young women came into the changing room area to try on some clothes and he heard them whispering to themselves as they looked in his direction. Carl smiled to himself. He didn't mind if women recognized him as a man, in fact there was something exciting about it and most of the time they seemed to like the idea of a man who wanted to dress as a woman.
He put on a pair of yellow satin pants and a matching top and strutted out of the changing room to ask the shop assistants what they thought of his outfit. They told him it was a perfect fit and that he looked very sexy in it. Carl paraded about a bit longer and was pleased when the two young women came past as they left the shop. They both giggled as they saw him posing in front of the mirror and then left the shop.
Carl went back to the changing room. So many nice clothes and he only had a limited budget. What was he going to buy? He entered his changing booth and felt his heart stop. All of his clothes were gone and so was his wallet. The two women must have taken his things!
Carl went back out to the shop and explained the situation. He was wearing nothing but his bra and panties and he had no other clothes to wear. The shop manageress suggested he buy something to wear but his wallet was now gone and he had no way of paying.
"Well, you'll just have to go to the security desk in the lobby," she said in a no nonsense way. She clearly wasn't impressed with the way things were going and Carl began to worry she would call the police. The manageress agreed to lend him a pair of old high heel shoes that they kept in the shop for people to wear when they tried clothes on but that was as far as she would go. She seemed quite keen to get rid of him before anyone came into her shop and found a man standing there in women's underwear.
Carl had no choice. He took a deep breath and stepped out of the shop. He tried to keep his mind and eyes focused on getting to the security desk but already he could feel all eyes on him. As he walked along the corridor he saw the two young women from the shop smirking at him.
"Is that a man wearing women's clothes?" one of them said in a very loud voice that turned several heads.
"Yes, I think it is," the other replied just as loudly. "Why would a man be walking around in bra and panties like that?"
One of the girls wolf-whistled and several women began laughing at him.
By now everyone in the area was coming over to see what the fuss was a about. Carl tried to ignore them and hoped no one would call the police but already he could see a woman up ahead reaching for her phone as she looked right at him....

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Friedoline said...

Wonderful idea! Simple and convincing enough. A great story!