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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sorority girls hand out some feminizing punishment

The girls catch him red-handed
And their feminizing punishment leaves him red-faced
Titillating TG Captions: Caught with consequences by the sorority girls
Gary was strapped to the chair and helpless
Gary pleaded one last time with the girls to let him go but they just laughed at their feminized victim.
"You aren't going to talk to your way out of this one," said a dark-haired girl as she adjusted the skirt of his dress. He was sitting strapped to a chair in the lobby of the sorority house wearing a dress, a wig, and pantyhose . The girls gathered around him and together they lifted the chair up and began carrying him outside.
Earlier on the girls had caught him sneaking into one of the bedrooms where he was hoping to steal some panties for a pledge. Unfortunately for Gary he was caught with the undies in his hands before he could escape and a crowd of girls pounced on him pinning him to the floor. They decided to punish him by force feminizing him from head to toe including a bra, panties, and a button-up dress. When they were done they tied him to a chair to prevent him escaping. Now they were carrying him to the entrance of the cafeteria where they intended to leave him.
At last they arrived and set him on the ground facing the entrance. Gary was nearly in tears but the girls had one last humiliation for him. A blond girl opened the buttons of his dress exposing the white bra and panties he was wearing for all to see...


Chrisissy said...

This would be scary but it would also interesting!

Anonymous said...

honestly I would love to have this happen to me

whyguys said...

GREAT SCENARIO... but why not take it a step further?

Better yet, the Sorority should some middle of the night ascend en mass to the pathetic male fraternity that set Gary on the panty raid mission and enact vengence upon them by dominating and humiliating them via forced feminization as well.

Show videos of them in their new girlsh state, brainwashing them and making them an example for all the Women of the college to do to all fraternities and male students in general.

Ultimately every fraternity woiuld lose its charter and be absorbed as an auxillary 'sissyority' assigned femininely to serve a Sorority now all filled only by Dominant Female Students.

Anonymous said...

thats not a guy

Anonymous said...

thats a real girl

Anonymous said...

I love it, it should be a guy!" who cares?" Speaking a bout guys a male worker in my office, passed a rumor about me?" I was a lesbian I'm not"! Just because I turned him down?" I have a boyfriend leave me alone!" Now it's payback time for ( she ) he! " hee, hee" but what? Girls I needed some ideas? LOL Heather