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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What to do next?

Brian and Leslie aren't happy with their new bodies
Brian and Leslie ponder their new bodies
But they are getting used to them

The rising sun blazed into Brian's eyes and he slowly opened them. He was sitting on the step outside a building cuddled up against a gorgeous blond girl. There was no sign of his friend Leslie and Brian assumed he must be with one of the two girls they had picked up the night before.
The girl stirred in his arms and as she opened her eyes he smiled at her. He couldn't remember how they had come to be on the step but he was sure it would come to him eventually.
"Hi there," he said and something about his voice didn't sound right.
The girl looked up at him with a grin.
"Hi there," she said.
Brian blinked and then suddenly sat bolt upright throwing the girl off. He looked down at himself and realized that he was now inside a girl's body. He had the body of a young woman, and was even wearing a revealing black top and short skirt. 
He looked at the girl and noticed she was wearing Leslie's glasses and had a frighted puzzled look on her face too.
"What the hell," Brian said.
"Leslie, is that you?"
"What the hell have they done to us?"
"I think they have turned us into girls," Leslie said with a groan. "I thought it was all too good to be true, they way they came onto us and wanted to get us back to their apartment. I don't remember anything else do you?"
"No," moaned Brian still not believing how feminine his voice sounded. "I thought they were just kidding when they said they were witches."
"We'll just have to find another witch to change us back," Leslie said.
The two boys sat in silence for a while lost in their own thoughts.
"Yes, we can surely find one," Brian said as he unconsciously ran his hand up his perfectly smooth calf.
"Mmm," Leslie replied. He wasn't really paying attention. He was thinking about how light and soft his bra felt cupped against his pert chest. "I think there is shop that does spell in town."
"Right," Brian said.
The two boys sat for a few more minutes thinking about their fate.
Then the girls got up and headed for a cafe to have some coffee and clear their heads. They soon found themselves giggling at how sexy they looked and admiring each others' legs.
Finally it was time to go to the spell shop and see if they could return to their former selves.
"This is going to sound weird but I don't think I want to change back just yet," Leslie said.
"Me neither," came the shy reply. "I'd rather do some clothes shopping."
"Me too!"
Across the street the two young witches watched as Brian and Leslie headed off towards the local shopping mall. Then they gave each other a knowing look. This was just too easy.


Diana Copperfield said...

Pretty nice, even though I am not a fan of those "the girlfriend was a witch" stories. Keep up the good work!

mourice said...

pretty nice one. love it girl.....