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Monday, March 28, 2011

TG Captions Quickie: Using her skills wisely

Jim is happy to do just as he is told
And if he can do it as a girl he is even happier
Jim dressed for breakfast in his best lingerie
Sonia was pleased to see that the breakfast table was already set for her and her husband Jim. There were two glasses of milk and some fruit laid out and Jim stood ready by the table to make her a cup of coffee. She smiled as she saw his choice of underwear for the day: a matching frilly bra with boyshort panties that had a delicate lace trim. The set was in the palest of blues and of soft cotton. With his long hair and smooth hairless body he really did look very feminine.

"Good morning Jemima," she said to her husband and he smiled happily back at her.
"Good morning," he trilled at her in a voice that was not just far too young, but also far too feminine.
"I shall have to do something about that," Sonia thought to herself.
She went to sit at the table while Jim busied himself making her a coffee. From behind he looked even more like a girl and the panties fit his bottom perfectly.
'What do you have to do today?" she asked to check if he knew.
"First I have to wash the floor, then do the laundry, then dust upstairs and then hang out the laundry when it is done," Jim quickly answered.
"Good girl."
Jim quivered with delight at being called a girl.
"You know what will happen if you don't do all your chores Gem, don't you? It will be back to being Jim and you won't like that will you?"
"No, please don't do that!"
"Back to wearing nasty boxers and long pants and no bras at all," she continued.
She watched as a look of horror spread over Jim's face.
"You like being a girl don't you Gem?" Sonia teased him.
Jim shrugged his shoulders, smiled shyly and skipped over to the fridge to get some milk.

As she watched him Sonia thought to herself that taking a course in subliminal hypnosis had been a good idea. But using hypnosis to feminize her husband and make him into an obedient sissy had been a great idea...


Anonymous said...

I love it! Such a wonderful domestic quality to it. Wish I were Jim.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your hypnosis caps! Although I think next time you should do something where the male wants to resist. just a thought


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! I wish I was her! hypnosis caps are the best! but darlina makes a point.

Sissy Simon said...

Mmmm, if only it would happen to me.