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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A little lace gives away a lot

Danny's jeans impressed Lori and so did his underwear
Lori admired his jeans and panties
When Danny realized he only had one delivery to make at a small local office he decided that there was no need to get change. He was wearing a pair of girl's jeans and white lace panties underneath and the combination felt wonderful. The jeans were a little tight, just the way he liked them, but he had worn them in public before without any trouble so he felt confident as he was buzzed into the office to drop off the box. He was delighted to find that the secretary Lori who he had spoken to on the phone was every bit as good-looking as she sounded. She was wearing a gray silky top with a very short black skirt and black pantyhose on her perfect legs. Danny gave her a big smile as he came in and felt thrilled to think of the sexy underwear he was wearing himself.

He bent down to put the box on the floor and stood up to face Lori who gave him a smile.
"Could you just move it over to the corner," she asked.
"Sure, no problem."
Danny bent over to pick up the box and moved it to the corner.
When he turned around Lori apologized profusely but said she meant the other corner.
As he bent down to move the box again Lori spoke up.
"Have you been crossdressing long?" Lori asked.
"I'm sorry, what did you say?"
"I asked if you have been crossdressing for long," Lori said looking him coolly in the eye. "You are wearing white lace panties and those look like girl's jeans too."
Danny felt his heart jolt and he involuntarily reached behind him and to his horror discovered that a full half an inch of white lace panties was showing over his jeans.
"Panties, what do you mean?" he asked innocently and he tuck his underwear under the waistband of his jeans that suddenly felt far more feminine than ever. "These are guy's jeans, they are just a bit tight, that's all."
"Okay, if you insist. But they looked like panties to me. I have a pair just like them. I think it's cute if a guy appreciates woman's fashion, that's all."
Lori caught him crossdressing
Danny had never felt so torn in his life. On the one hand he didn't want to admit that he was wearing girl's clothes but on the other hand here was a gorgeous young sexy girl who wanted to talk to him about it. Could he really admit he was a crossdresser? He hesitated for a few moments unsure of what to do.
"Are you sure those aren't girl's jeans you are wearing? I have a pair very similar myself," Lori coyly asked him.
Danny gave in.
"Well, actually they are I think. I erm, just borrowed them from my girlfriend."
"Did you borrow her panties too?"
"No, I mean yes, I mean no, they aren't hers, I mean..."
Lori laughed in a friendly way.
"That's okay Danny, crossdressers are so cute. You don't have be shy with me. You are very brave for wearing those jeans in pubic. Any woman will know they are feminine just from the way they are cut. It's a very sexy style and not at all masculine."
Danny felt his face go red as he thought of all the women who must have noticed he was wearing the girly jeans.
Danny found himself opening up to this young woman that he had only just met. For the next fifteen minutes they talked nothing but fashion, about the styles and colors they both liked. They discovered they both had a passion for leggings, and that they had even bought clothes from the same stores. Lori advised Danny on how to try and prevent showing his panties off to the world and even offered him some make up advice too.
Lori and Danny shared fashion tips
Finally it was time to leave. Danny had never felt so comfortable with a girl before. He plucked up his courage and asked Lori if she would like to get together sometime or even go shopping.
"Oh, thank you for the offer," she said. "I'd love to go shopping with you. I'll even bring some of my friends along too."
Danny had never felt better as he headed for home. A shopping trip with the girls! It didn't get any better than that. But then he suddenly remembered he didn't know who Lori's friends might be...

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Hrdknight said...

Very cute cap, let's hope for Danny's sake that her friends are all girls.