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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adam and Eve

Eve gives Adam an apple that changes him forever
But he doesn't mind
Eve temps Adam
Adam looked at the apple in Eve's hand. It was red and juicy-looking and the more he looked at it the more he wanted it.
"Are you sure you don't want an apple," Eve purred at him. "It's fresh and I picked it myself."
Adam licked his lips. There was something incredibly seductive in the way Eve spoke to him that made it hard from his to resist anything she asked of him. He looked from the red apple to Eve's deep red lips and then deep into her eyes. She gave him an encouraging smile.
"Apples are good for you," she said. "It will make you feel refreshed and new."
Adam was feeling a little thirsty and he was hungry too. He reached out and took the apple from Eve's hand not noticing the sly look on her face as he brought it up to his mouth.
Adam took a bite from the apple and before he could even chew it the world seemed to spin and swirl and then settle again.
To his surprise the first thing he saw was himself.
"What happened?" he asked confused but with every second that passed he understood exactly what had happened. He had switched minds with Eve and he was now in her body and she was in his.
"What the hell did you just do?" he asked in panic as he looked down at his smooth arms and ample chest. "Give me my body back."
Eve stood up in his body and laughed.
"I thought you would like having a female body, you just seemed the type."
"What makes you think that?"
"Us witches can always tell when a man would be happy in a girl's body."
"That's ridiculous," he quickly retorted but inside he felt a guilty pang. It was true he enjoyed reading 'TG Captions' and forced feminization stories but how could she know that?
"Switch us back immediately," he demanded
"Of course it that is what you want," Eve said to him from his body. She pointed to some strawberries in the fruit bowl from where she had taken the apple. "All you have to do is eat one of those strawberries."
Adam quickly got up and went over to the fruit bowl to take strawberry. He was surprised as how light his body felt, how fluid. He could feel the smoothness of his legs against the soft fabric of Eve's skirt and her panties were the lightest and most comfortable he had ever experienced. His chest felt very strange, but he was strangely excited at the thought of having cleavage. As he turned to face Eve he felt his long black hair brush across his shoulders.
Eve looked at him expectantly as he raised the strawberry to his mouth.
"Just think of all those wonderful clothes you could be wearing," she said to him. It sounded strange seeing himself talk like that but already his mind was wandering to short skirts and denim minis, silky blouses and stretch jeans. Eve had a great body and always looked very sexy. Then there was the lingerie too.
"Thinking about all those pretty panties you could be wearing," Eve asked with a laugh. "So which will it be? A strawberry to eat or strawberries on your cotton panties?"

Adam held the strawberry to his mouth. He could almost taste it. Across the room Eve held out a hand to him.
"If you give it to me and I eat it our bodies will be sealed as they are."
Adam tried to think of all the good things in his life but all he could see was shopping  trips with the girls, wearing a teasing bikini, and dancing the night away in heels at a club.
He handed over the strawberry and Eve swallowed it without a moment's hesitation...


Anonymous said...

i dream about it

Friedoline said...

A brilliant story!

whyguys said...

This reminds me of the show Beyond Belief now hosted in re-runs by Jonathan Frakes on ScyFy channel


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