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Friday, December 31, 2010

Forced feminization from above

Three angels have some fun by feminizing a husband

The angels touch up their make-up
The three guardian angels Grace, Merry, and Joy looked down on Andrew as he sat in front of the television. They decided it was time to give his wife Daphna an end of year a treat so they set about putting a spell on Andrew to make him clean the kitchen all by himself. That way Daphna would have a nice surprise when she came home from work. But these angels got a bit carried away with making things just right.

Grace was the first to act once the angels decided on their treat. She snapped her fingers and in an instant Andrew lost interest in the television program and wandered into the kitchen.
As Greg came into the kitchen he noticed for the first time ever that the kitchen could do with a clean. Before he knew it he started putting things away and even found he knew just where they should go.
Up in heaven Grace smiled at how good her spell was but mischievous Merry thought that she could improve on things.
"He can't be a good housewife if he is wearing those clothes," she said. "He should put on some women's things."
Before the other two could stop her she snapped her fingers and Andrew stopped what he was doing and went upstairs to the bedroom. When he got there he couldn't remember what it was that he wanted but he did notice one of Daphna's denim miniskirts on a chair and thought it would be a mighty fine thing to try it on. He pulled off his pants and the three angels gasped at how hairy his legs were.
"That will never do," Joy said with a giggle and snapped her fingers too.
Andrew looked down at his legs and thought about how sexy Daphna's legs looked in the skirt.
"A skirt like this deserves shaved legs," he thought to himself and headed to the bathroom where he took one of his wife's razors and set to work putting cream on his legs.
"Will you two stop that right now," Grace said as she saw what Andrew was about to do.
"Let's make him shave his arms and chest too," Merry said snapping her fingers and Joy laughed as Andrew took off his shirt.
"I mean it, stop it now," Grace said in a panic but there was nothing she could do. Only the angel who made each spell could undo it and now Andrew had started shaving his legs working quickly with a magical speed and efficiency.
"What will Daphna say when she comes home and finds her husband as smooth as a girl can be?" she asked.
Merry and Joy thought about that for a moment. Grace had a point.
"I know just what to do," Merry said with a grin and snapped her fingers again. "I'll put a spell on Daphna to make her like seeing her husband smooth and hairless."
"Better make her a bit domineering too," Joy said snapping her fingers, "that way they won't fight over the razor."
Merry and Joy burst out laughing at this but Grace was not amused.
The three angels watched as Andrew finished shaving his body and then rubbing moisturizer into his body to keep it soft. Then he headed back to the bedroom to find the skirt.
"Don't worry," Merry assured her, "we are just having fun. We'll undo all the spells soon and put things right back in place."
"Well, in that case," Grace said with a smirk as she started to enjoying the feminization  fun, "we can't have him wearing a sexy skirt like that in those ugly boy's underwear he has. Let's put him in panties while we are at it."
Andrew went to his wife's panties drawer and selected a very cute flowery thong panty to put on before slipping on the skirt. By now all three angels were thoroughly enjoying themselves and soon made Andrew put on a skimpy top to go with his panties and even giving him a full head of long hair. Sometime spent in front of the mirror saw him applying perfect make-up, all with the help of the guardian angels. He slipped on a pair of heels and then went back down to the kitchen to continue clearing up.
The angles watched him for a while enjoying each adding little spells to improve his femininity, making him walk in his heels the way a girl should, talk in a girly voice, and flick his long hair out of the way.
"Okay, girls, we had better undo all of this," Grace said.
"Oh look, my nail-polish is chipped," Merry said crossly. She examined her hands. All those spells had worn away some of the polish she always wore. The two other angles inspected their hands and noticed they too needed to apply another coat of polish. They decided to touch up all of their make-up while they were at it. They set to work and their hands and faces were soon looking as pretty as ever .
"Right girls," Grace said, "we are running late. We have to help a girl with a boyfriend who is a bit of a slob."
And off they flew to do more good deeds.
Their feminization works like a charm
Half an hour later Dapna came home. She heard her husband call out a greeting from the kitchen and went to see him. When she came into the room she found her husband bending over and filling the dishwasher in her denim miniskirt and her favorite top. Not only that, but his legs were long, smooth and sexy, and his hair seemed much longer than she remembered. But before she could say anything the spells began to work their magic and she noticed with approval that the kitchen was spotless just the way she liked it.
"Hi darling," Andrew said, "I've been clearing up for you."
Andrew's panties were showing but his wife didn't mind
Rather than be dismayed at the sissy standing before her instead of the husband she had left behind earlier in the day she found she quite liked the idea. Andrew was still bending over putting the last few things into the the dishwasher. Daphna walked over and stood behind him.
"Thanks for clearing up," Andrew she said and then gave him a sharp smack on the bottom.
"Ow!" squealed Andrew in surprise. "What was that for?"
"That was for taking my favorite top without asking permission. Next time ask."
"Yes dear," Andrew said meekly.
Dapna stroked his face to calm him down.
"Now, be a good boy and make me a coffee," she said wondering why it took her so long to order Andrew around like this.
"Yes dear," Andrew said, willing to please.
Three hours later Grace remembered that the hadn't reversed their spells. The angles flew over to Daphna and Andrew's home to check up on things. Daphna was sitting in an armchair and explaining to Andrew how to take good care of his hair while her husband sat on the floor massaging her feet.
"You know something girls, perhaps we should just leave this as it is," Grace said.
Both Merry and Joy couldn't have agreed with her more.

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whyguys said...

Great imagination!

Inspired a little jingle:

So for all of you machos who think Heaven's for boys,

Be fearful of Angels Grace, Merry and Joy,

Make sure all your sins against Females confessed

Or it will be a Hell where you serve
Women crossdressed!