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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A panty thief makes amends

Charlie got closer to Lynn's underwear than he intended

Charlie quietly closed the door to his apartment and headed down to the basement laundry room. If he had got his timing just right he should be able to steal a pair of Lynn's panties before she came down to collect her laundry. Lynn always carried her laundry up in two loads, first her bed linen and then her clothes. It was her clothes he was interested in.

He reached the basement level unnoticed and opened the door to the laundry room. Exactly as he expected there was a basket filled with Lynn's clothes in front of the machine. He could see the bright colors of her underwear in among the clothes and his pulse began to race. Charlie bent down over the crate and dug in among the clothes. Over the past few weeks he had stolen two pairs of thong underwear, a bra, and a pair of bright colorful panties with bunnies on them. He was delighted when he found a pair of red silk panties with lace trimmings and 'pussycat' written on the rear. He picked up the panties and without thinking held them up in front of his face so that he could have a better look. Then he stuffed them in his pocket and began looking through the pile for a pair of Lynn's socks. She often wore delicate cotton socks with frills and he felt like having a pair. He pulled out a pair of yellow cotton panties and held them up to the light before putting them back and continuing to delve in the laundry.
"What the hell do you think you are doing!" shouted a voice behind him.
As he spun around Charlie already knew it was Lynn behind him and she had caught him in the act. It only took one look at the mobile phone in her hands to know she had filmed him taking the panties.
He backed away from the basket and began to splutter an explanation but Lynn was listening. Even in his panic Charlie couldn't help noticing how sexy she looked. She was wearing a pink top and a very short black denim miniskirt that showed every inch of her perfect legs.
"You must be the pervert who has been stealing my underwear," Lynn shouted and Charlie wondered how many of the buildings other residents could hear her.
"Please Lynn, I'm sorry, I just was looking, I didn't mean to do anything," he managed to get out but his knees were shaking and he was close to tears.
Lynn walked over to the laundry basket and had a quick look. It didn't take her long to notice that her pussycat panties were missing.
"I'm going straight to the police," she said.
"Please Lynn, don't, I'll do anything, I I I,"
Charlie's voice trailed off and he knees were actually knocking together.
For a brief moment, he thought he saw Lynn smirk at him, then her face became serious again.
"Well then panty-thief, if you don't want the police involved you'd better do as I say," she shouted.
"Please Lynn, someone might hear, I'll do anything!"
"I'm not the one who has been going through a girl's underwear looking for her panties to steal so he can wear them no doubt!" she shouted twice as a loud.
In fact, Charlie had tried on her panties and he blushed bright red.
"I thought so!" Lynn said triumphantly, but at least her voice had dropped. "Well then my little panty wearing sissy, you had better do exactly as I tell you..."
Two weeks later it was laundry day again. When Charlie heard his punishment from Lynn he almost thought it would be better to go to gaol but he agreed nonetheless. When it was time to do the laundry he presented himself at Lynn's front door wearing only the bra and thong panties he had stolen and with his body shaved and feminized and with his long hair tied back in a ponytail. He was petrified as he stood in the corridor waiting for her to answer and she took her time. When she opened the door she looked him up and down to make sure he looked okay and then gave him a pair of high heels to wear. Charlie struggled to put them on but at least he was inside her apartment. Then she gave him her laundry basket and ordered him to march down to the laundry room. This was the moment of truth, because any of the residents might meet him on the way.
Charlie set off on his journey and to his horror the heels clicked and clacked loudly with each step. He could hardly breath by the time he got to the lift. To make matters worse Lynn wasn't even coming with him. Before he had a chance to press the button Lynn shouted to him.
'Take the stairs."
Charlie sobbed but he had no choice. He dashed down the stairs to the laundry room where he began to load the laundry into the machine.  
A moment later Lynn arrived to keep an eye on him. She left the door wide open.
"Come on Charlie, give a smile, or I shall keep you her until you do. You haven't thanked me for giving you a chance to make amends."
Charlie forced a smile on his face.
"Thank you Lynn for letting me make things right," he managed.
"Good boy, and don't forget to be available in two weeks time again," Lynn said as she left him to do his chores.

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Anonymous said...

I think she needs to have him do the laundry more often than every two weeks.