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Friday, April 16, 2010

Randy enjoys his femine treatment a little more than expected

When Laura took Randy to have his legs waxed she didn't know where it would lead
Randy rolled over onto his tummy and the sunlight streaming in through the window fell on his back. The folds of his dress lay all around him and had never felt better. But that meant he had some serious thinking to do.
It had all started off as bet. Randy's girlfriend Laura had bet him that he couldn't take the pain of having his legs waxed. Of course, as any man would, he was sure that he could. Laura wasted no time in booking him a morning appointment at her beauty salon where Sonia and Naomi got to work on his legs. Before long he was lying there wearing only his boxer shorts in front of the three women as they applied the wax. When Naomi stripped away the first piece of wax from his inner-thigh Randy thought he was going to die. As the next piece came away he was brought to tears. By the time they had finished the bottom half of his leg he was sobbing like a girl but Laura took his head in her hands and comforted him the way she and her friends would when they were having their legs done.
"I can't do his legs with those shorts in the way," Naomi pointed out as she neared the end of her work.
The girls had a giggle at the idea of just pulling his shorts off but decided against it. Sonia went out and soon came back with a pair of aqua green panties she had bought. Randy was in so much pain he was barely away of what was going on  and he hardly knew what he was doing as Laura helped him to put on the panties. The Sonia and Naomi turned their backs to him as he pulled off his boxers and slid the soft cotton undies up his legs. As soon as they were in place the got back to work on his upper thighs and Randy was blabbing with in minutes.
Finally both legs were bare to the tip of his toes. Randy was just glad that the pain had stopped. Instead his legs felt incredibly smooth and cool. Even the panties looked good against his clear skin.
Naomi suggested they do his chest as well, and after that his arms and back soon followed. As part of his body was stripped Randy became more and more aware of his skin, how good it felt.
At last he was finished and he stood in front of the mirror wearing only the green panties as the three women looked on. He felt amazing, as though his whole body was glowing.
"I'm sure I can do something about those eyebrows," Sonia suggested and before he knew it he was in a chair as Sonia got to work on his face. Naomi didn't even ask if he wanted hair extensions, she just went ahead and did it.
Make up followed with nail polish too and at last the Sonia and Naomi declared him ready.
When Randy looked in the mirror there was a good-looking woman staring back at him.
"I think he likes his new look," Sonia said with a wink. "You should get into a dress as soon as possible."
Laura thought it a great idea and they drove straight home. She found Randy her most girly dress, a pink frock with flowing skirts and flowers and ribbons all over.
Randy couldn't contain himself. He slipped on a pair of Laura's shoes and flitted about the house admiring himself in every mirror, enjoying the feel of the smooth material against his skin. At least he threw himself down on the living room floor and looked at the window. He had no idea how or what he would do next but one thing he was sure off. There was no going back now.


Amethyst said...

I am not sure which I love better, the story or the pic.

Sammie said...

Some have all the luck !

Dale said...

I would LOVE to have that forced on me.

Marie-Christine said...

That´s a really nice story. I wish it would have happen to me.

Anonymous said...

I would love for this to happen <3