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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Forced feminized to be an Easter Bunny

A hypnotized and feminized husband doesn't know how much fun he is having
Easter feminizationSheila had been teasing her husband Martin about the Girls night out for Easter she had planned. Martin hadn't taken much of an interest until Sheila told him that they even had a bunny-girl coming to help with festivities. She wouldn't reveal anymore information but every night she gave Martin a back rub to help him relax. As his mind drifted into daydream Sheila talked and Martin listened until her voice was all there was.
It was Easter Sunday evening and Sheila was getting ready to go out for her big evening with the girls. Martin had settled himself down with a DVD of a film he wanted to watch. As he pressed play and opened a beer Sheila came into the room.
"Bunny, why don't you go and have a shower?" she said.
Martin thought it bit odd to be having a shower so early but he got up anyway and hurried of to the shower without another thought.
"And don't forget to tidy yourself up like I told you to Bunny," Sheila added.
In the shower Martin scrubbed himself clean. He wondered if the film would be good and didn't even notice as he reached for the shaving cream and razor.
After the shower he went to the bedroom. Sheila was just finishing up her make-up. She was wearing a killer black mini-skirt and black stockings with a tight red top that Martin liked. He came over towards her with a grin on his face but Sheila seemed more interested in examining him.
"Very good, Bunnny," she said, "now put on your outfit and meet me downstairs."
As he got dressed Martin wondered why his wife kept calling him 'Bunny'. He quickly got dressed and obediently followed Sheila out tot he car. She got in the driver seat and they set off for Maggie's house.
"Oh, am I coming with to the party?" Martin asked adjusting his bow-tie.
"Yes dear," Sheila said with a laugh.
When they arrived Martin could hear that there was a whole crowd of women already there. Sheila told him to wait outside because she wanted to first prepare the others for his arrival. Martin thought nothing of it as Sheila rang the bell. A few moments later Maggie opened the door and as soon as she saw Martin she shrieked in delight.
"You really brought him along!" she shouted.
"Of course," Sheila laughed. The she turned to Martin.
"You wait here and I'll call you in a minute Bunny," she said.
Maggie was having a giggling fit but Sheila took her by the arm and they both disappeared inside. A few moments later the noise inside died down and there was some loud whispering and giggling. Eventually it all went quiet and Maggie called out for Martin to come in.
Martin strode through the front door smiling to himself. He was about to spend the evening with a bunch of sexy half drunk women. What could be better?
He headed for the living room and walked in with a sly smile on his face.
As he came through the door he saw 12 women sitting around the table that had been laid for dinner. They were all beaming at him although a blonde girl at the end of the table had her hand over her mouth and seemed to be laughing hysterically.
"Girls, here is our Easter Bunny and she will be serving us dinner tonight," Sheila said. "Say hello to the girls Bunny."
"Hello girls," Martin said.
The girls exploded into laughter and began whistling at him. Martin thought the reaction a bit much but he couldn't see what the fuss was about.
"Come over here I want to check out your costume," said a cute brunette sitting at the table.
"My cosutme?" Martin asked. "What do you mean?"
"Oh my goodness," gasped Maggie. "He really can't see it? He really doesn't know what he is wearing?"
"Nope," said Sheila proudly. "He's completely hypnotized and under our control."
"And as long as we refer to him as 'Bunny' he will do exactly as we say?" said the blonde girl.
"Yup" Sheila said and turning to the brunette, "try again."
"All right. Bunny come here and show us girls your lovely outfit," the brunette said.
Forced feminized Easter BunnyMartin still couldn't see what the fuss was about but he walked over to where the girl was and began to pose for her so she and her friends could see him from every angle. He was wearing a blonde wig, which didn't make any sense but he felt quite natural flicking his hair about and was thrilled at how good his smooth legs looked in the pantyhose he was wearing.
"This is brilliant!" laughed Tasha, another or Sheila's friends. "Let's see you hop around for us."
"Why would I want to hop around like a rabbit," Martin retorted.
The girls quickly hunched to gather and there were stern whispers between them.
"Lets see you hop around, Bunny," Tasha ordered. "Show use what a good bunny girl you are."
Martin thought that hopping around was the nicest thing he could do right now. He hopped around the table wiggling his bunny tail at every chance and accompanied by gales of laughter and cat-calls from the girls.
Cameras were flashing and the women kept making strange requests from him that he was happy to fulfill. Finally, Maggie ordered him to serve dinner. As he headed for the kitchen with his heels clicking Martin wondered why he didn't have a place at the table but he in the meantime he was sure it was more important to serve the ladies even if they seemed to laugh at everything he did. Some of the women even patted him on the bottom as he came past which made him blush but he just didn't seem to be able to do anything about it except squeal like an excited girl. There was something very strange about the whole situation but try as he did he couldn't do anything except whatever the women told him to do. As for the girls, it was an Easter they would never forget.


Chrisissy said...

Wonderful story, would love to be married to Sheila!

M.Aya said...

Poor bunny! Did she remember the next day?

Anonymous said...

You do the best hypnosis Caps ever!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun.